Creating websites for many companies and industries for over 2 years with successful history and testimonials


Complete Support

I don’t believe in simply designing the website,but i will take care of the website even after its finished


Hard Working

Well i understand as a client you will have your own ideas about the website.So i strive hard to match your ideas.


Unique Design

All websites should have a unique style which follows certain specifications like using most modern features.


My Projects

Make Money Directories Is A Platform For All Types of Advertisement, Guest Blogging, Web Design And Development And The Best Website Design Company. We Also Engage In Marketing Small And Large Companies.

The Quality of Our Jobs Speaks For Us and Has Gained Us Numerous Referrals. Many Website Owners Who Has Little Or No Knowledge of Getting Target Customers To Their Business LIKE You, We Have Succeeded In Breaking The Record And This Has Put Smiles On The Faces of Our Customers.

Don’t Sit Back With Your Website Get The Best Out of Your Business No-Matter What You Are Selling, If Nobody Sees Your Website Through The Search Engine Your Business is As Dead As Not Existing. Are You Looking To Outrank Your Competitors Get In Touch With Make Money Directories We Have Done Jobs For Clients From Different Walks of Life And Privilege To Work With Many Aspiring Personalities?

  • Bridge Gap Tech

    Bridge Gap Tech

    BRIDGE GAP TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING SERVICES is dedicated to providing the most quality industrial engineering services with the main focus on Mechanical Service related to Drafting, Design, Drawings and Detailing ,Fabrication, pipeline welding and fitting. We endeavor to deliver the best Mechanical industrial engineering service to every architect, mechanical consultants, construction companies and FMCG companies etc.

  • Access To Money

    Access To Money

    This website is all about how someone can earn money easily.There are so many technologies used for doing this.And these technologies are similar to the loan process We deliver fast loans We are reliable Customer services 24/7 From £100-£1000 Minimum income required (£450 pounds) per month for txtfinance loans Payday loans help bridge your finances...

  • Relationship Advice

    Relationship Advice

    This website deals with the following situations. How to discover the love relationship which you never want to leave? And if you finds, then how to know that is it love or just an attraction? Some people are not comfortable to communicate their liking for someone. Then how, they can get to connect with their beloved? If you are also dealing with the same problem then...



    There are around 10 million people with arthritis in the world. That’s 10 million individuals, plus their families, each affected in a unique way.From high quality information and support to empower you to take control of your arthritis, to campaigning for change. DMARD provides all the tips and other vital information’s that a person suffering...

  • Next Alternative International LTD

    Next Alternative International LTD

    Next Alternative International Limited  Advertising is a leading marketing consulting and communications agency, specializing in branding, marketing and communication.The Company was founded in February 2007 and based in Lagos Nigeria. The cornerstone of our success is deeply rooted in our conviction in building strong and enduring relationships between the brand and the consumer, which ultimately...

  • Next Alternative Biz

    Next Alternative Biz

    Next Alternative Agency is the leading in-home child care service provider in metropolitan Lagos Nigeria. There employees understand the special demands of fast-paced living and are devoted to bringing peace of mind to clients.As care service providers, they advocate for work-life balance through our services. They apply best practices and innovation in hiring and retaining Nannies...

  • ASK Consulting Biz

    ASK Consulting Biz

    Ask Consulting is an Audit, Financial and Information Technology Consulting firm with special focus on providing essentials technology that aids prompt preparation of information and timely management decision making in a most cost effective way.  We also provide strategies for business survival in the midst of stiff competitors as well as Business process improvement.

  • Business Face It

    Business Face It

    This website is all about the news , trends and tips on the world of business. Business Ideas ,severe competition’s in the market has compelled each one of us to think about a newer business idea which can help us survive these phenomenal economic crises. The most recent and most acceptable and proven new business concept...

  • Online Pay You Go

    Online Pay You Go

    Online Pay You is a leading destination for online shopping, offering some of the best prices and a completely hassle-free shopping experience through secure and trusted gateways. Browse through our cool gaming consoles , pc games and other new brands featured on our site with expert descriptions to help you arrive at the right buying decision.Get the...

  • Online Pay You

    Online Pay You

    Online Pay You is a leading destination for online shopping, offering some of the best prices and a completely hassle-free shopping experience through secure and trusted gateways. Browse through our cool lifestyle accessories,brands featured on our site with expert descriptions to help you arrive at the right buying decision.Get the best prices and the best online...



    High standard comprehensive school is an institution with great and bright future awaiting massive exploit. The school was founded on the 9th of January 1995 by MR AND MRS EROVWO who thought it fit to build students that will change their society for good. The school actually started from extra mural classes that was held for both the...

  • Health Facts Care

    Health Facts Care

    This website is created to provide update information’s on general health matters. I’ve cut through all the hype and revealed the facts that will help you decide whether Health Facts Care is right for you or not. Feel free to go through this website and get to know more about Health Facts Care.

  • 01 – wide post with video

    01 – wide post with video

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Web development
Writing Services
Traffic Services
Offline Services

Services & Skills

We at make money directories engages in designing the following websites and we ensure google page one for all our clients websites:
  • Forums

  • Ecommerce Websites

  • School Websites

  • Click Banks Stores

  • Amazon Stores

  • Squeeze Page

  • Landing Page

  • Video Websites

  • Auto-Blogging Sites

  • Individual Websites

make money directories also offer different writing services:
  • Article Writing

  • Books Writing

  • Re-writing

  • Press Release

  • Landing Pages

  • Web Pages

  • Sales Letter

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Blogs

  • SEO Writings

  • Internet Marketing

  • Proof Reading

  • Article Directory Writing

  • Spinning

Traffic Services – SEO – SEM – Backlinks – Web Ranking
Internet Browsing – Typing and Binding – Project Writing – Checking of Results and Registrations – Photocopying E.g Black and White Colour – Wait and Take Passport – Scanning

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