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Do you have a website or blog and you have been spending so much money on it weekly or monthly yet you can’t brag of making $1 a day from it. Or you have a website and your brand is never noticed.

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If these is the challenge you are having worry no more because I can fix whatever issues your website is having and once this is well fixed and organized you will be making money from your website. The success behind any successful website is the volume of organic traffic that flows to the website. No Traffic No Money. Check our website packages here.

What is Website Traffic

Traffic is simply those visitors that come from the search engine or other people’s websites. These are genuine human searches, searching for one information or the other. in the cause of searching, they stumbled on your website/blog.

How to Get Traffic

You can get a good amount of website traffic if you position your website well for the search engine to craw very well and you need to make sure that your website is in line with the most SEO criteria such as:

Once these factors are well organized you are sure of hitting the front page of google. The system automatically positions your website to get real traffic from the major search engines and other top websites.

The truth is that If you are not getting genuine traffic to your website nobody will see your website. This will be a waste of time and energy. And with that, it will be difficult to make $1 a day from Google Adsense, Affiliates, or maybe your own services.

The money you make depends on your website traffic and it varies. our services will help you reach your goal and you will relax then your website will work for you no matter what you are selling, you need traffic.

There are many technical factors that can hinder a website from getting a good amount of traffic:

They are:

  • Onpage SEO Issues
  • Plugin Issues
  • Template Issues
  • Bad Contents
  • Poor backlinks
  • Poor Domain Rating
  • Poor Domain Authority
  • Poor URL Rating

And so many other factors

I can fix your entire website issues and you will get back to your fit and start reaping from your website. That means more money to your pocket. If you are really interested in succeeding online and want to fix whatever problem your website is suffering from, just call me or send me a text message. I can handle all of that.

If you don’t have a website and want to start making money from Google AdSense or affiliates I can handle that for you very well and if you have a business and need a website to expose your products and services online I can also handle that very well.

Whichever you need just call me or drop your message via my website CONTACT PAGE

Article writing business

What is article writing? Article writing is a thing about passion, you write with joy and make money from it. Do you know why people fail when writing articles?

They do not know how to write the PERFECT article, where to sell, and make $50-$1000 Per Article! You do not have to be a Ph.D. holder in the English Language or any other subject to write effective articles.

This eBook is for everyone and it will guide you on how to make cool cash writing articles and how you can also make money outsourcing articles without writing a single word by your self and you will be paid big time.

It will also show you how to receive payment via PAYPAL here in Nigeria without having a PAYPAL account. You can read all about the ebook at Easy Money Ebook

Website Design 

We design and develop Inevitable Websites for small and large scale business owners. Check out our designing packages here.

Domain and Hosting

Our domain registrar and hosting company is one of the best. We get you the right search engine-friendly domain if you don’t have one. We will host & register it for you at a very affordable rate.

Article Writing

To make sure you get the right content you need. We work with different freelancers outside our niche. Our writers can get you the right in-depth reviews and articles for your business, products, and services. Check out our review package here or send us a mail via our contact page if you have something else in mind then we can help you write that content no matter the length and can also publish it on MakeMoneyyDirectories.Com


One of our services is to help small and large-scale companies overcome their competitors on the search engine. We have all it takes.

Give us a trial and we will get your website fixed for high ranking and exposure around the web. Just relax and our SEO Experts will take care of your business and you have less to do just enjoy your business. We take off the task while your website makes money for you even when you are sleeping.

Business Plan

A business plan is like an architect’s master plan of a building. Just as quality structures are based on a master plan drawn out by a professional, so also every quality company must have a viable business plan constructed by a professional.

I construct business plans and pitches custom designed to your business needs for strategic and financial planning, investment, Ill as visa application purposes. Get your business plan here.

No matter what type of company you have or why you need a business plan, I will help you draft and prepare it in proper and correct English.

Adsense and Affiliate Business

You can also make money with affiliate and Adsense businesses this day, it does not require you to have any business of your own. This is simply tapping from other revenue-sharing businesses online by building a website that meets Google standard, you showcase Google Adsense and affiliate products. You make money when customers buy through your affiliate banners or affiliate links and you also make money when people click on your Adsense ads.

You need a standard SEO-friendly and mobile-compatible website. You can make cool money by simply selling other people’s products or services in exchange for a commission. We handle this very well just reach us via our contact page and we can discuss the type of niche that suits your business. Remember you can integrate your existing business and still make additional sales from this.

Guest Post

We are not limited to writing, we also publish articles, reviews on and on another niche outside our domain, tell us the niche you want, Domain Rating (DA) Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow, Citation Flow or Domain Rating (DR) then we will get the site for you and publish your contents there.


Would you like to partner with us, come on board we will look into your proposal feel free to discuss your partnership proposal budget and duration or how you want it done then we would get back to you within 24 hours?

Recommended Products and Businesses


Be sure to read until the end as we also explore captivating books on subjects such as relationships, romance, confidence, and more

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) (Wealth and Health)

Everyone’s dream is to have a balanced financial life, with updated accounts and some money left to invest. But the problem remains that, while 99.9% of people want to be in this financial status, only a few fractions of them really know how and where to achieve this financial tranquility.

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