5 Best Senior Business Startup Ideas

Business startup ideas

Aging baby boomers presents many new opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.  The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 20% of all U.S. citizens will be over 65 by 2030.  This is a vast increase, compared to 13% measured back in 2010. And the number keeps growing.

There are a number of niche businesses that can cater to the seniors needs. All of them have a vast potential to grow if developed properly.

Here are some of the best ideas for businesses that cater to seniors.


Seniors who prefer to age in their home and not a retirement facility are often in need of professional care. That’s where in-home care companies come in. Steffi Gaines, the founder of LA-based home care business A Better Way in Home Care, warns that seeking care for a senior loved one is the toughest decision a family can make. But the benefits of hiring a caregiver outweigh the concerns.

Caregivers can assist seniors with seemingly mundane tasks. These tasks include cleaning, shopping, transportation or simply by keeping seniors company. Caregivers work closely with the senior’s family to develop a plan best suited for them.

They are here to ensure seniors live out the rest of their lives happy and without any difficulties.


People realize the importance of carefully planning their finances as they get older. But not all seniors know how to properly invest, plan a budget or manage their finances. Enter financial planners. A financial assistant can help seniors with their financial issues. They can ensure that seniors enjoy their retirement without having to worry about mismanaging their money.

To make sure your financial planning business succeeds, make sure you obtain proper certification. Partner up with bankers, lawyers and accountants to gain new customers. You can also attract new clients by holding money management seminars and offering free consultations.


Taking care of your diet is extremely important for anyone, especially for senior citizens. As we grow old, our metabolism slows down. Therefore, a poor diet can result in serious illnesses including diabetes and heart disease.

A nutritional consultant educates seniors on the dangers of maintaining a poor diet.

They help the elderly develop a diet that includes all the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy.


Developing technologies can benefit seniors in numerous ways. From helping them stay connected with their loved ones to health monitoring, the potential is endless. The only obstacle is the fact that seniors find it hard to master these new technologies on their own.

A tech consultant can help seniors by showing them how to operate a smart watch or a smartphone.

They can help seniors master their computers or any other advanced systems.

Tech consultants will be hired to hold classes and help seniors master these new technologies. Most seniors are completely unfamiliar with these concepts. Because of this, their teachers must exercise patience and know how to communicate and transfer their knowledge.


Shopping poses an issue to seniors due to their inability to drive. In fact, some seniors cannot even leave their house. Delivery services can help seniors with their shopping needs and run simple errands.

Their transportation services can include shopping, special purchases, pet transportation and others.  Invest your time in market research. Find out what kind of delivery services seniors need.

You can start a general business that delivers anything. You can also focus on a particular niche like milk and dairy.  Advertise on public boards and leave your flyers at local shops and senior centers.

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