Top IDO Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Way To Get Your Crypto Projects Noticed

Marketing Strategy

In today’s booming world of blockchain marketing, many new and already-existing investors and project owners are trying to make their crypto projects noticed. Besides, what makes it big and brings hefty returns in this industry is only what gains rapid and steady recognition. Of course, reliability, innovation, security, and growth are additional factors that make a crypto project successful.

Nowadays, IDO crypto projects are evidently a solid project approach you can consider to create strong grounds for yourself in this booming industry. But even when you choose to create an IDO project, without it getting recognition, you might not be able to make your project grow – no matter how innovative the idea may be. So how do you get this recognition?

Now it may seem too much to manage in the start, but marketing your IDO (initial dex offering) platform the right way is just what you need to get your project solid recognition and steady growth. In this detailed guide, we will explore all about the tried and tested cryptocurrency marketing strategy that you can adopt for your IDO project.

What is an IDO Platform: A Brief Overview

Initial Decentralized Offerings, or IDO, are a new and widely preferred fundraising strategy in the enormous and expanded market. Unlike other offerings, IDO provides the entrepreneur with more liquidity. As a result, users are drawn into the process of earning their initial earnings and attracting investors to the platform.

In fact, some platforms also offer a cheaper fee for the token listing and provide other services such as instant trading, reasonably secure fundraising, and so on. So startups establish their business plans and list their coins and tokens on the Decentralized Exchange, which supports the IDO mechanism.

However, this isn’t all to it. Why is that? Because the transaction does not count toward listing, but frequent tractions, the right insight, brand trust, and many other factors are involved. This procedure also attracts investors that want to invest in the project to seek hype or recognition by marketing cryptocurrency.

3 Top Categories of Crypto Promotion Methods:

If you are launching an IDO and unsure where to begin in the quest of making your crypto project noticed, these three categories of crypto promotion methods will help you get just the right start. So without further ado, let’s dive into the details:

1.    Basic Methods Involved in IDO Blockchain Marketing Strategy:

●      Craft Search-Engine Friendly Content

To elicit the response you seek, the marketing information you publish on your website must be visible to prospective consumers. You’ll need to use crucial SEO practices to make it happen. To begin, undertake keyword research to see which keywords are ranking high online.

For this, you can:

  • Use free or paid keyword tools.
  • Use the best keywords in your content
  • And then combine it with other SEO strategies to rank your site

●      Promote Your Project Into the Market with the Right Influencers

Influencer marketing is now a must-have strategy for promoting IDO and conducting advertisements based on crypto on their social platforms. Most importantly, Bitcoin influencers have a huge impact and generate benefits almost instantly through their enormous following. Now, influencers support projects in many ways.

From providing you with product education to promoting your product, creating selling IDO and a crypto marketing plan for content, and directing a solid community and visitors to your site.

You can hire the right influencer as part of your IDO marketing strategies by:

  • Determining their areas of expertise before hiring
  • Determining who their target audiences are next.
  • Going over their previous efforts in your niche
  • Evaluating their relevancy to your project

Note: You might have to provide extra incentives to influencers for special marketing campaigns as a popular marketing strategy.

2.    Methods of Niche-Focused Bitcoin Marketing to Increase IDO Funds:

●      Don’t Miss Out On Tokenomics Rights:

Several times, IDO projects miss out on tokenomics rights in order to raise cash. As a result, even if you are working on a specific project, your odds may fall. Hence, it’s important to prepare your token mechanism, and then you may take your IDO token to the fundraising market after marketing cryptocurrency to strengthen your IDO platform‘s recognition. While you do that, make sure to:

  • Trade in the trendy market
  • Approach new and exciting project protocols that will help you attract investors
  • Profile the token protocols based on the trends in relevance to your project

●      Follow the Whitepaper Tradition

Even in the crypto sector, white papers have diverse audiences and trends. So for your community to obtain a strong understanding of the business, the tradition must be followed.

When you put start preparing your project’s whitepaper document make sure to:

  • Keep it creative and innovative
  • Avoid making it lengthy and difficult
  • Provide service and project functioning details in a concise manner

Now when you implement a crypto marketing plan after creating a whitepaper for your project, you will see that your audience will better able to get project/business insight. As a result, you can better win the audience’s attention and trust.

●      Give Away to the Community Through Giveaways and Airdrops

Another popular and tried-and-tested method of crypto marketing for IDO projects is to prepare fantastic and exciting Airdrops and giveaways for the community. Why is that? Because assembling your community with interactive aspects and fundraising campaigns will help you monitor more users’ attention.

This way, your community will engage in real-time tasks and activities and receive exclusive prizes. This is a deceptive strategy for capturing the attention of the worldwide audience, as long as your contests are genuine, interesting, rewarding, and enjoyable.

●      Attract a Larger Audience Through Advertisements Based on Crypto:

To attract the attention of crypto pruners, it is necessary to enter the market with distinctive and specialized crypto marketing. Considering that educating the purpose of your IDO, and attracting the interest of users in that area will provide more information on the business.

Having said that, you can trace the users by looking at their involvement history. Using this data, you may reach a large audience by implementing audience-specific Bitcoin ad networks in the blockchain marketing industry. While this will attract a more personalized audience, your general crypto fans will stick to your innovative platform and original idea.

3.    Invest in IDO Marketing Company Services:

Last but not least, starting an IDO marketing campaign is a difficult endeavor that you cannot learn overnight. It is primarily because selecting appropriate tactics and implementing them in such a way that they produce the best results can be time-taking and challenging.

In such a scenario, if you have an internal PR and marketing team that can manage this, it’s fantastic. Yet, if you don’t, as many companies do, hiring an agency is a good idea. They will handle your IDO publicity and ensure that effective techniques are used.

Now comes the last but most stressful challenge: hiring the right marketing company for your IDO project. With the numerous IDO marketing businesses ready to take your call, it can be overwhelming to make the right call. And choosing the wrong crypto marketing company can not only risk your investment but also the success of your crypto project.

Don’t worry, you’re not on your own on this one too! Just take your time to look into the company details and ask yourself the following questions before hiring a specific company:

  • How long has the company been involved in IDO project promotion?
  • Is this their first experience with IDO marketing?
  • What qualifications do they have that make them suitable candidates?

Once you have the answer to these questions, assess the skills and experience of the people working in the blockchain marketing company you choose, particularly those in the marketing department.

Eventually, when you consider these scenarios, you can better evaluate what your IDO project’s marketing needs are and which marketing company will ideally help bring that to your unique project and make it a solid success AdLunam, which serves as a popular, innovative, and creative alternative to IDO launchpads.

So to ensure solid and stable marketing success for your project, look into marketing companies with a solid portfolio. And then, when you feel right about a certain company that meets your demands, just go for it! Good Luck!

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