How To Catapult Your Website To Google Page One With Magic Article Writing

magic article writing

Magic article writing remains the only means of catapulting a website to the first page of Google. There have been several debates on how to use a website to make money, some wrote against it while some believed.

But, believe it or not article writing is the only means to sell ideas and share ideas either for free or in exchange for money.

Magic article writing is simply a convincing and convicting type of writing that gradually turns potential customers to buyers. Article writing works like a powerful sales letter. This type of writing sells whatever salable in a website; a web surfer can only stumble on a web page only by a referred page. And that page must contain an article having keywords or phrases used by the web surfer to locate that content. In most cases it always amount to sales especially organic traffic.

So many bloggers, freelancers and website owners really don’t have their own products or services to offer most depends on adsense because it easier to earn from adsense like Google adsense . Only few utilizes magic article writing to earn from affiliate, pay to write review, survey etc. Still, considering that this is an online business, it pays to invest in encryption for your web traffic to prevent hacking.

Apart from the few means of earning online as mentioned earlier there is a better approach of harvesting more money, which require little investment like getting a search engine friendly domain, hosting and setup fees. I have written about this at how to design a website and earn. Stay updated with our next publication. Start living Zen with home décor, gemstone jewelry, yoga, and meditation gear from Uneedum. Make all your spaces happy places!

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