3D Printing Technology: Should You Buy A Printer or Hire The Services?

There has been a lot of fuss about 3D technology over the past few years. Here is a fun fact; 3D technology has been in existence since the late 1980s. However, it is not until the late 90s that technology companies figured out that they could use them in various ways. It started with the gaming and film industry. Gamers were privileged to get a 3D experience as they engage in their favorite activity. The film industry also caught on as did TV manufacturers. Now there is 3D printing which has many people super excited and especially so marketers.

3d printing

3D design and printing

For the longest time, engineers and architects were the only ones who were privileged to use 3D designs. Software programs were created in large numbers and they continue to be developed even today. Marketers are also making use of 3D technology a lot today. Starting off with logo design, branding experts employ 3D technology to design the finest logos for companies. A 3D logo design has more impact on the people who spot it than a plain image that is drawn from the internet.

On top of that, when the design is created, it can be printed onto so many places. 3D printing services are becoming popular owing to this. You can have that logo you have created printed out on business folders, binders and even sales boxes. It goes without saying that having a logo on folders is going to be more impressive on your prospective customers than simply using a blank folder. It is one of the secrets to successful branding. You can have folders with an excellent design plus your company’s name and logo on them.

Buy a printer versus hiring the services

Buying a 3D printer to create your own folders sounds like such a fantastic way to get things done. However the sheer cost of the printers and the printing materials is prohibitive for many businesses. It is not easy to get this technology. You will part with a huge amount of money for a very small device. The printing materials are also on their way to becoming popular. They are not available in all parts of the world and so they tend to be quite costly.

Hiring a 3D printing service provider is always the finest option. To start off, it will save you a fortune. This means that even if you are just starting out in business then you can access these services affordably. To add onto that, you will be able to get professional services as well. 3D printing is not like printing a bank statement from your computer. It is a bit complicated and it must be done properly if it is to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Printing in 3D on a business folder is not a simple job but when you hire a 3D service provider, you will be able to get that work done easily. It will not be a struggle as when you decide to buy a 3D printer. You probably you will have to hire someone to train your personnel on how to use the printer.

Author bio

Paul McCall is a business IT consultant and branding expert. He provides his clients with simple solutions to branding such as getting the company logo on folder and creating custom binders.

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