How Not To Depend on Your Salary But Blog with Peace of Mind

blog with peace of mind

Salary has been a thing I don’t like talking about no matter how much salary you earn but before I share my experience on that, yesterday been Sunday I was filled with fun and happiness after returning back home from church service, took time to prepare things at home for another fresh week. Because, I always love to appear simple and gentle I spend less than 3hours each day chatting and discussion with customers on my blog but I spend more time digging and researching the best approach to always outcome my competitors.

Today I’m writing to share my experience not just writing for fund but I write to express deeply what every sincere blogger needs to do to always keep streams of cash flowing from a blog. I have worked with companies in different sector and earned some reasonable salary in the past but that was not enough to give me my desired peace of mind because I woke up early daily as early as 5am to start preparing for work and I must get to the office before 7am and back home by 6pm or 7pm if no traffic on the way, I will be totally exhausted after the whole day imagine after a year, how would my life sperm look like? Don’t laugh but that is a big lesson.

Stress is never ideal for sound health or success. This day’s true bloggers hardly talk much about adsense but better and reliable avenues of income. This is because every blog that worth spending on, if one truly wants to make real and stress free money.  You have to:


At times I just login to check my mail and see clients asking for one of my services at the rate of $100 or more per service. That is what Nigerians call AWOOF MONEY (free money) and I will be paid expressly. This has happened to me countless times. You don’t empty your pocket on unplanned blog, every blog that worth investing worth planning. This is really while you must stay away from friends that are not adding values to your life and making you unhappy because they can easily hinder you and discourage you from planning ahead. That is a story for another day.

I believe the best way to crown that and get yourself together is to delete their contacts from your mobile and never have any reason to visit them. Your success will attract them someday without you calling on them and they will learn their lessons if they ever care to learn. That should not be your concern at all.

Investing in blogging depends on what you feel like selling on your blog because nowadays google search engine is not friendly any more. If you don’t merit their SEO criteria your blog will be kicked out.

So, how do you approach the market? The best way is to look for a good website designer and an SEO expert to do all the task for you may be at a budget of $100 or $150 with that you are set to go. Before outsourcing the job, you must design a niche you are passionate about and can easily defend and talk in your spear time. That will enable you to decide your domain and host it on a reliable server with an SSL certificate embed along with your hosting and IP.

Once you are done with that and the expert has successfully completed your blog you can start outsourcing for more contents to always get your readers smiling with fresh contents this could be a monthly budget of $20 per month. This amount can get you 5 quality articles from if you are familiar with fiverr very well.


We should know that from all ramifications without quality SEO your blog will be like not existing. So, give your blog to a designer that understands comprehensive idea of SEO. Your blog must have characteristic impression of good SEO for better exposure and link juice.


Yes, every blog that worth investing time and money, also worth reaping from, the basic reason while I cannot advice or depend on adsense, is because adsense has no sincere regards to any blog.  Adsense can wake up any day to ban your adsense account without notice.  At this point I know you will agree with me that no matter what you earn as salary, your time and everything about you is never in total control by you. Though, I may not be a millionaire yet but I get paid blogging better than what I earn as salary on monthly bases in the past. No amount of salary will buy the type of peace of mind I have now. Now I have better time to run my business and serve my God. Yes, if you don’t know. I’m a Chosen and I need quality time for service and prayers. The Almighty God remains the ultimate in everything about me.

So, what to sell should be affiliate products from any recognized 5 affiliate marketing companies. Ensure you sign up and get approval from affiliates companies in line with your contents. But have in mind that SEO is never magic and you can never get ranked immediately no matter how much you invest. Try to spend at least $20 monthly on by targeting few minorities sub reedit categories by using standard reddit ads guide. Your ads must be approved by reddit staff before your ads can go live. So, be careful to research your market and get your target audience first before you ever think of expecting returns from your blog. This is a secret and that was the mistake I made when I was starting years ago but today I have learnt my lessons. Never start what you are not ready to finish. That is a bad approach to blogging.

If you plan and invest wisely on your blog, you do not need too many experts to assist you before you can succeed. You can virtually succeed if you have the mind to learn and meditate wisely. Yes, because most successful bloggers will never reveal their secrets easily just the way you are reading hear rather they will compel you to sign up and buy their products. I call all that jargons. While, because the internet is big enough to unveil any information you seek all you need is to know the right phrase to apply while researching on the search engines.

Till we meet again we shall dig further about blogging and salary. It will be better if you start planning now and never allow the unexpected to catch up with you before you take a step to plan. This is while many so called webmasters in the past were totally pulled out just by the changes of recent google algorithm. Many blogs were completely demoted even the most ranked and recognized blogs then. I thought my salary will keep me flowing but I lost the job and never planned to succeed with my blog rather I was stingy to invest in it but now is a different story so invest and plan wisely. So that you will not be hot by your boss or the next google algorithm update.

See yea….

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