Fuel Shark: What is Fuel Shark and How To Use Fuel Shark?

fuel shark

What is Fuel Shark

Fuel shark is proven device that has help to economize fuel in car and it is selling in the market. It is used for fuel, diesel and gas cars with cigarette lighter socket of 12voltage.

How To Use Fuel Shark

  1. First, put the fuel shark in the cigarette lighter hole before switching on the vehicles ignition.
  2. When the car is on, a blue light will indicate
  3. Then you can start driving and you will see the result yourself
  4. This product can last you for three years before you can change it
  5. This product should not be use in cars or vehicles that are electric

How Does Fuel Shark Work?

This is an electronic device that works electronically the alternator of your car. If your alternator power falls, this product help to increase the car voltage and help to boost devices like lights, stereos and even reduce air condition in cars. It also help you vehicle battery to provide the need power to operate this device. Apart from these, this product provide the power that aid your ignition system and also prevent incomplete combustion of your car exhaust.

How To Buy Fuel Shark In Nigeria

Pay Into any UBA Bank

To order within Warri Cost: N1500

Out Warri Cost: N2500

Account Name: Erovwo Aborigho

Acct No: 2073740357

After payment send your teller number, amount and correct address where you want us to shift this item. This item is only available within Nigeria.

Forward all details to:   money50life@gmal.com   or   07033325787

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