The Stakeholders That Enhance Connectivity

enhance connectivity

In the twenty first century connected device businesses are moving fast towards a potential market.

However, to enjoy profitability in this business, a business owner must understand the section that gets benefitted by the products created by the company.

Connected Device – Meaning

In the traditional sense, electronic devices, automobiles and even household appliances were considered connected device. However, off late the meaning of connected device has changed into anything that has internet connection.

If the business for connected device is taken under consideration, it is necessary to identify the beneficiaries of the business. The three stakeholders most at advantage are the users, community and the businesses. By identifying them, an entrepreneur can enhance its profit margin.


  • Connected user experience varies from generation to generation. Varied generations have varied buying power. The Generation Z considers connectivity as an imperative part of their life. In fact, most of their waking hour is spent online. This generation is open to change and is confident about the changes.
  • They consider connectivity as a part and parcel of their lives and unlike the older generation do not view it as an intrusion to privacy.
  • On the other hand, Gen X, which was born in the pre-internet era have buying power, but for them connectivity is not a necessity. They are more concerned about privacy and secured connectivity.
  • Thus, when producing devices the outlook of the customers must be gauged and the attributes of the products must be informed.
  • Not only is generation a factor to be on the lookout, but the connected experience must hold value for the users. A meaningless product does not do much for the success of a business.


  • Connectivity helps community development in the sense that it connects the society and makes it smaller. Connectivity has helped ensure the health of people. Whether a patient is consuming medicines on time or whether a former patient is well or not, has created motivational practice in society.
  • Community is important in the booming business of connected device. Some applications help people enjoy a better driving experience through a self-contained and navigation community. Users can also provide feedback. This helps in improving the user experience with time.


  • There are three reasons for which businesses create connectivity. Connectivity brings information, information helps in upgrading products and information also allows a company to distinguish itself from its competitors.
  • Data helps a business to learn about the behavior of a customer and permits it to mark the quality of the products it offers. However, data always does not provide complete value. Thus, the connection made may not always be meaningful.
  • Connectivity is a marketing tool for business owners. It introduces of new products. For instance, those who update their software can avail the new features of a phone. Again, some phone companies keep new features only for recent models of hardware.

By gathering the importance of the products to users, communities and businesses; connected device entrepreneurs can identify the final use of the product. It is thus, very important to recognize who is on the other end of the connection.

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Susan Graham is a famous business writer. She has also written article on debt relief that have helped many business owners to recover from heavy losses.

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