May 23, 2022
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4 8

There has been much debate on this blogging issue but I will really take time now to clear those junks talks.

Blogging is indeed the fastest and most convenient medium of succeeding online, it’s could also be fund especially to those that truly understands the tricks behind blogging.

There is just a little difference between a blog and blogging. It only a noun and a continuous present tense, you may ask where are we now driving at. OK, don’t rack your brain much I will be taking you from grass to grace so you really don’t have to do the thinking.

Talking about blogging there are more to it but with lots of loop holes but don’t be afraid because there is always a way to jump over it. If you ask me I will tell you that blogging is my number one hobby but it could be your worst enemy. LOL…

Ok, that’s fine now but how do we now start and what is the success like. It could sound strange but that is just how we really have to approach it. You have to understand that blogging also require marketing skills which comprises of on page optimization and off page optimization. This two works together to bring out the best in any form of online business which is the major means of traffic generation techniques.

Starting with blogging, considering a sellable niche is the fundamental approach if you must hit the nail on the head i.e. if you must get your first affiliate pay check.


Look at your hobbies just discover what you love doing best and with that you can equally make money off it so with this you could consider building a blog for your passion.

Then get a suitable domain name for it and if you can’t rack that off your head you can just go to then do a little research on the search bar for search phrase like “health domains” this will cost you $5 and you could get someone that will do thorough research on your desired niche for the right domains so you will surely get many domains on that.

Then look for a good hosting company like smarweb you could buy a one year small hosting package and domain registration for less than $15.

Once your domain is registered you can now proceed with the wordpress installation. I recommend wordpress because it best and the only platform that has every feature to make the traffic happen.


  1. 404 redirection: This works fine and redirect users back to the site home page thereby helping to protect the site from being savaged by the search engine.
  2. Cleantalk: Is one of the best anti spam plugins on the web but requires year subscription of at least $8, you can subscribe for more websites on a lower cost.
  3. All In One Seo Pack: This is one of the best onpage search engine optimization plugins for better onpage performance.
  4. WordPress Optimizer: This cleans the site data and saves lots of bandwidth for the site.
  5. W3 Totall Catche: The best rated and fast WordPress performance plugin. Improve the speed and experience of a site.

This is just a must read guide to starting a successful blogging without stress and without emptying your bank account and cheap to start here.