How To Make Money Writing Articles in Nigeria

how to make money writing articles

Looking for how to make money writing articles in Nigeria, right here right now i will be unveiling some of the secrets if not all that will surely guide you and you will start making money from the comfort of your home or office. If you don’t mind i would like to discuss a little on what article marketing means and how you can tap from it and create good income for yourself. Article marketing is simply writing contents and in exchange for money. This can be on any topic ranging from any niche of your choice if you are a passionate writer. This can be fund and interesting and you will always be smiling to the bank if not why not. Come on lets move on.

We are still on that but what is in your mind and how do you intend to start. Well worry not!


This may be your angle of challenge but am not surprised because many has been having this same issue. Just have in mind that anything that worth using worth selling and somebody must write and talk about it and that is were the money comes into play.

Talking about how to make money writing articles in Nigeria any niche can be a success as long as you understand what you are passionate about. Just your pen and paper you can virtually write about any niche of your choice. Many has also been asking how to make money writing in Nigeria especially the Nigerians both the local and international base.


This is what people are really searching for. You can get this topics/keywords on google. This is another sure way of learning and understanding how to make money writing in Nigeria. Keywords will give you more insight on what to write about so it will really not be a problem anymore looking for what to write about, It helps Nigerians to resolve every issue on how to make money writing articles in Nigeria.


The length of a content basically range from 450 words to any number but that determines on what you are writing about and it may be a content on demand so the client is also in a position to decide how many words you will write. The more the words the higher the pay. This determines how far you will go learning and applying how to make money writing articles even as a Nigerian.


The amount you make is determined by the number of words you are writing on and the bidding starts from 0.01 cent to 0.05 per word some top companies can pay you up to 0.010 per words so it all about bargaining and how efficient you are but yo can get all other necessary in details here.

Till we meet again you can stick to my guide on how to make money writing articles in Nigeria even you can also read more info and better insight here you can also get a pro theme here for your own article website. 

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