How To Blog: Guide To A Successful Blog

Have you been wondering why there are many blog and bloggers out there but only a few successful once? If that is the case we are going to look into the criteria to a successful blog and why only few bloggers are really making it.

Though, Blogging has been around for years now and fun. But the secret behind the success is questionable. You may ask!

What is a blog

A blog is simply a mini website that showcases products and services online, with few bandwidth and disk-space allocated to it. A blog can be in any niche but to be on the save side don’t get into blogging without defining what you want and don’t get into it without doing that which you are passionate about.

A blog can gradually turn into a full blown business which directly or indirectly turns out to be a notorious blog. What really matters here in this type of business is following the right formula and doing it right to accomplish a good result. There are few successful bloggers who really don’t know much online but they are earning a reasonable sum of money from blogging this could be from adsense, affiliate or services. I love blogging and it has really been paying me. Let me talk about my experience may be this could relief you the fear in blogging.

Though, blogging is fun and interesting but it has it own task. The success of a blog is not determined by your efficiency as a website designer. You may be good at designing even the most beautiful website online but you may not be making any dime from your own blog. When I started blogging, I started with a niche I just had that converts and ended up abandoning the site. After much research and studies I came to realize I was really doing it wrong, then I had to redefine my aim and target, then I followed the right step which today is which has really earned me some reasonable dollars online.


I get paid through paypal some times and I earn a lot from my services using my bank account just by doing those things I know how to do better. And I even communicate with clients freely when ever they visit me in my office even on phone calls. Blogging is indeed a true business that worth’s dong only when you are passionate with your niche.

 A successful blog is determined by many factors which include:


This comprises of many factors which includes the on-page and off-page seo. The on-page seo is done on the blog via the back office using necessary seo plugins and configurations. While the off-page is done by building quality authority links to the blog.


The search engine has been reformed e.g. Google who still remains famous as the biggest search engine online even till date. Before, any body can write anything and published online be it a copied content but this days Google algorithm has been redesigned to demote websites and blogs with copied contents. All they want these days is a fresh, original and reasonable content that addresses a particular issue, topic or anything.


The quality of a website theme has at least 70% impact on the website and must be seo friendly and compatible with algorithm standard. Some themes has every feature required to rank a blog and outrank your competitors. And solves every issue on optimization and configuration but in most cases this themes could be expensive. With this said, you will bear in mind that blogging is an investment on it own far better than some companies out there. Yes, some bloggers are making money more than some companies out there. check out of the best pro themes here

Social Metrics

This plays a major impact in off-page seo and gives the blog good credit and link juice in the search engine thereby making it famous on the search engine.

Till we meet again i will be educating you on other topics that will discuss how you too can succeed with your own blog. The step by step approach, i mean the a-z formula. Remain blessed.

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