Advantages of Instagram as a Social Tool

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social sites today. There are an estimated one point two billion users of Instagram worldwide. With this number steadily on the rise every day we are more likely to see many more users joining the new craze.

Instagram has brought with it a whole world of good. The world is a dynamic place and creative minds have put this social network to good use. Below are some of the ways society is using Instagram positively.

  1. Worldwide connectivity

The world has become a global village and with apps such as Instagram, this has become even truer. When you follow a person from a different part of the world and see what they share on their page, you tend to get more involved in their world. Instagram has created a sort of pseudo reality whereby followers engage on an intimate level. It has brought down the barriers of distance, culture and age. It is not uncommon to hear stories of cross border Instagram love connections or international Instagram business connections.

  1. Quick and easy access to information

The media as well as independent news and entertainment agencies have jumped on the Instagram band wagon. Their main aim is to pass on information. Social media as a whole has become the easiest and quickest source of news items and stories all across the globe. The competition between media houses on Instagram is based on how many Instagram followers they can garner and how many views and likes each story has. Safe to say, everybody on social media has easy and quick access to most of the information they require.

  1. Job creation

Instagram has led to creation of jobs and has opened a new window for tech savvy entrepreneurs. Job creation in the form of social media management has been created solely based on the popularity of the app. Tech savvy entrepreneurs have not been left behind too. There has been a large demand for applications that can work with Instagram to make it easier to save videos or pictures or perform tasks such as gaining followers or unfollowing people who do not follow you back. This has led to the innovation of similar applications that have provided the service in tandem with Instagram.

  1. Free advertising

Whether you are a top class marketing firm or you are just a simple closet sales person, you cannot afford to ignore Instagram as a form of marketing tool. Posting what you sell on the network will definitely be an added advantage to you. It is free and can reach hundreds of people per post in a matter of seconds.

  1. Unlimited access to interests

Say you want to visit a restaurant you have heard about over the radio or through a friend, but you are not sure if the restaurant is all that the reviews make it out to be. The solutions, find their Instagram page, look at pictures of the restaurant and read other comments from former patrons. This is how the world works these days, by just a few clicks on your PC or smart phone you get unlimited access to whatever your interests are, hustle free.

The world we live in today is not the same as it was five or six years ago, mainly due to social media. Instagram has not been in existence for a long time, yet we see the extreme impact it has made on our society. It’s safe to say that we have yet to see much more. You may also want to know how to get free Instagram followers quickly to become a Instagram influencer” at the end of the sentence “Update the sentence”Safe to say, everybody on social media has easy and quick access to most of the information they require

About Author

Clarence White is the social media manager for News Today, an independent media firm located in Virginia State. In just one year, she has managed to accumulate over one million Instagram followers for News Today’s Instagram page.

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