The Best Alternative to Adsense – New Edition For Bloggers

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When it comes to making money from a website, Adsense is one of the best blog monetization programs available. This will give you an idea of the amount you can earn from Adsense.Creating an AdSense account and getting approval is not an easy process, especially for a newbie blogger. The real problem emerges when Google bans your Google Adsense account!

The Adsense alternative ad networks mentioned below are not better than Google Adsense, but rather depending on your online journal niche and site activity, a few AdSense alternative programs like Viglink, Chitika and BuySellAds may give better earnings and results than AdSense.

The Best Alternative to Adsense – 2016 Edition For Bloggers

You ought to be aware that Google Adsense is a contextual ad networking program while all the Adsense alternatives mentioned below are not contextual ad programs. For example, BuySellAds offers a direct advertisement stage, Infolinks is an in-text join program, and Viglink transforms your outbound connections into affiliate joins.

Getting Google Adsense approval is a dream for bloggers. In any case, in the event that you neglect to get approval or get rejected for reasons unknown, don’t despair because this article will make you aware of numerous Google Adsense alternatives for earning money online.

Before picking an alternative to Google Adsense, however, check out what sort of traffic you are generating on your website or blog.

Best Alternative to Adsense: 2016 Edition For Bloggers

Amazon Display ads:

Seeing Amazon advertisement program listed as an AdSense alternative may be little surprising for some, however in 2016 they are one of the famous choice among blogger for monetization. Unlike recent years, it was just Amazon Affiliate program yet with Amazon native ads and CPM based ads, they are an idle choice for users who is searching for something other than AdSense. As I would like to think Amazon show program is idle for those who have US and EU activity.


Infolinks is an in-text interface ad network that has been a profitable site monetization network for some publishers. Infolinks offers different types of advertisements that you can place on your web journal. The most well known one is an in-text ads unit, followed by an in-frame ads unit.

It does not offer contextual ads like Google AdSense, but rather as an alternative to AdSense, Infolinks is profoundly recommended. You can use other ad networks with it to increase your web journal’s revenue. Agreeing to Infolinks is easy, and they have a low least payment threshold.

google adsense alternatives


2016 is the age of native advertising, and on the off chance that you are searching for an alternate approach to earn money, you ought to begin utilizing native advertising. This type of ad can be placed anywhere around the content. The most prominent placement is after a related post or in the website’s sidebar. AyBoll offers native advertising, and it is easy to get started with AyBoll.

Ayboll shows native ads, and it is a premium CPA network. You will get paid for any activity on the site, and the payout is huge. Their revenue split is high at 50/50, yet considering the way that they pay premium $ per sale, it merits experimenting with. Ayboll least payout threshold is $100, and the payment method is bank transfer or by means of Skrill. To place the Ayboll ad widget, you can use the Ad plugin.


Adversal offers features like Superlinks, and you need to have month to month page-views of 50,000 to apply. Least payout is $20, and after 35 days they pay toward the end of the month. Payment modes are Paypal, Wire Transfer and ACH. It takes 3-4 days to get your application approved, and I suggest that you apply for both Superlinks and Adversal. In spite of the fact that Superlinks ads will pay more, it is additionally great to have another alternative choice.

Alternatives to Google Adsense


BuySellAds is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense. When you present your web journal to BuySellAds, it will automatically fetch up your online journal details which includes PR, Alexa Rank etc.

In order to get approval for BuySellAds, your site ought to have decent movement. When your site gets approval, you can set up an area on your web journal for BuySellAds, and sit tight for advertisers to offer.


Chitika is a CPC product-oriented program. I like Chitika for two reasons. To start with, it generally places relevant ads based on the site content which helps you to get more snaps. Secondly, you can edit text shading, URL shading and border shading to blend with your web journal’s arrangement. You can likewise choose their referral program earn extra income.

2016 adsense alternatives


Viglink is perfect for a web journal which is connecting out to a business or e-commerce site. The Viglink concept is quite different from the majority of the alternatives mentioned above, and with Viglink you can earn money by making affiliate sales.

Viglink works great when you have active connections to business or product pages, Even in the event that you don’t have outbound connections however you are utilizing money-related terms like Apple, iPhone or some other, Viglink will automatically add connections to these words, and you will end up making decent money. What’s best about Viglink is that it’s incubated by Google and it is a SEO-friendly ad program.


Skimlinks is the best alternative to Viglink and it works in a comparable manner. Skimlinks converts your outbound connections into affiliate connections, and you earn money whenever a sale happens. You ought to choose between Viglink and Skimlinks based on the type of web journal you have.

It is possible that you could end up making ten times your existing earnings with Viglink and Skimlinks, as they pay for affiliate sales and not for the snap.

In the event that you are hoping to monetize your websites, you ought to give Viglink or Skimlinks an attempt. is the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types. is a contextual ad network by Yahoo! what’s more, Bing, and it offers lucrative ads. Moreover, the ad types involved are like AdSense, and on the off chance that you have a quality website; you are more likely to get approval in no time.

These are only some of the best and most comparable alternatives to AdSense. In the event that your Adsense is disabled, the best approach to cover the lost Adsense earnings potential is by utilizing a blend of two or more ad networks.

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