What Makes Potential A Reality And Takes One Beyond Ones Imagination

what makes potential a reality

I greet all my noble readers and fellow bloggers who are reading this article. The last time I wrote an article on ”how not to depend on salary but blog with peace of mind and earn big” I revealed certain secrets that can make one great as a blogger, that is quite an interesting and inevitable article out there. Today is another special day I like to talk about I know many of you will be wondering what this young man is trying to unveil here again.

Yesterday one of my close female friend came to my office to spend some time with me so in the cause of chatting she finally disclosed to me that she would be having her birth day soon that reminds me an adage which says “work no play makes Jack a dull boy” yes, that indeed is a true saying, will you turn down your friends when they need you around mostly just because of the nature of work you do or do you need to always lie to your boss just because you want to spend time hanging out with friends.

Though, you may not understand clearly where am driving this article unless you spear time to read the previous article here. If you have ever worked from January till December and all you could do with your salary is care for family needs and solve family, friends or relative issues by the end of that year you cannot account for one value that just added to your life. Sincerely, if nothing was accounted for that job does not worth it. I calculate success base on the extent of values I gained. This is not food or really material things but ideas and time I spent for my own self weekly.

You may not agree with me if you are earning a fat salary but you will come to agree with me when you are hospitalized and the doctor ended advising you to always spear time to rest then you will know that stress is the only fastest sickness that reduces ones life span. This is because money is the only weapon that blinds ones eyes from knowing the truth but sickness is the only thing that will make you remember your faults and helps you to die faster because it hot when you cannot help yourself in such a critical stage. If the Almighty God spear your life then you will realize that working for people can never make you rich.

Ideas is the only gap between the rich and the poor today why not plan to be your own boss so that you will enjoy the values of life and have time to discover the true God who made heaven and earth. That is the God of the Lord’s Chosen Church. He is the only secret to success because it is when you have time for God, that is when God will have time for you and release his blessings upon you. You cannot make it on your own or by struggles but God is the only one that gives power to make wealth. Thanks for reading enjoy the rest of the articles. Thanks

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