3 Ways to Use 3D Product Advertising

Product advertising is an important process in maintaining product awareness among consumers. A product advertisement’s aim is to educate consumers that a product is available on the market, how it can be useful for daily use, and the benefits of using them. Sometimes, an advertisement can also inform the consumers on how their product can be better than that of its competitors.

Today, there is a variety of ways in advertising a product. Some of the methods used in advertising are through direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet. But very recently, there came a new addition to advertising, the 3D printing.

The world of advertising can very well benefit from 3D printing by providing more options on how to introduce a product or how the companies to continually connect with their clientele. Here are three ways a 3D printer can be strategic for advertising.


Prototypes can be an ingenious way to promote your brand. The idea is to design 3D objects that can be used to advertise your business and products. The design has to be available to download and print. Web sites that can offer a place to post designs as well as allow searches to be done, and have those designs printed are available. What can also be done is to encourage the participation of the clients by having those that are interested in creating a new design or prototype of the product. An example of this can be computers, cars, furniture, and virtually anything that can be conceived three-dimensionally. 3D advertising is now an entirely new way of publicity, with so much potential with only a fraction of the cost.

Promotional Giveaway Items

Promotional giveaway items can include things such as custom-made cell phone cases, pens, key tags, fridge magnets, and others. These things can allow you to reach a broad audience while also spreading your brand. For example, cell phone cases may carry your company’s logo without looking too big or annoying. The mobile phone cases or any of the promotional giveaway items that can be thought of can also be custom-made for each customer such as having the individual’s name or desired design and a discreet print of your company logo or name. A well-thought of promotional giveaway item will ensure that the client will keep it and that your brand will stick around in their memory.

“Thank you” Gifts

“Thank you” gifts are a significant gesture in business. It allows clients to feel that the companies appreciate their business. With 3D printing, there can be an array of gift items to be made and given out to the many clients on special occasions such as the anniversary of the company or during the holidays.

These three are just some of the ways where 3D printing can help enhance businesses and make them feel closer to their chosen clientele. A 3D printer can be a sound investment for companies since its versatility ensures an endless variety of gifts and items that can be given to clients as a gesture of appreciation.

Earl Jonathan Tech

Author’s Bio

The author is Earl Jonathan Tech. He is the founder of PrintMeister, an online printing services in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia. He writes in his spare time when not preoccupied in his ventures on advertising and marketing services.

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