How To Improve Your Internet Connectivity While Playing Online?

Being a pro at online gaming, you need strong internet connectivity, which would provide you with uninterrupted speed. Whether you are opting for a leisure online casino Iceland or professional gaming, quality internet connectivity is an indispensable tool. Have you been suffering from lagging internet speed? Have you not really found a solution even by calling your […]

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Gambling Industry

The Gambling Industry-5 Key Technologies that are Scaling in the Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is seeing massive technical developments around the world. Many aspects of our lives have changed as a result of technological advancements. The gaming and gambling business is one that has witnessed a lot of growth in the last ten years. This industry of entertainment appears to be evolving and developing all the […]

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Mobile Money

Replacing the core of Mobile Money with AI – Is it worth it?

Transactions that would traditionally take thirty minutes to complete, like paying electricity bills or depositing and withdrawing funds from the bank, could be instantaneous thanks to AI-powered mobile money. Will this generation of millennials be impatient when it takes ten seconds for a transaction to happen instead of five? Recently, personal finance, mobile payments are […]

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