How to Hire a Developer, and How Much is This Specialist Worth

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These days, numerous companies offer the service of hired web or mobile development. But most agencies either hide the details of their pricing models or provide complex explanations of their workers’ expertise and specifications. We are here to make things clear. If you’re about to hire a developer, use this information for guidance and valuable insight into software development fair cost.

How to hire a developer

A hired web developer is an outside specialist who is capable of empowering your team with missing skills and capabilities. Because of that, the service he/she offers should not only appear good but also fit your business purpose perfectly. 

For example, if you need to develop ecommerce platform that will appear in a foreign market, your top developer is the one who

knowseverythingabout CMS codingondifferentplatforms,

knows both English and the local language,

has relevant experience for this project (in our case, already tried to develop an eCommerce platform in a foreign market).

In such a project scope, skills in mobile development, for instance, are just a bonus. But things change if you’re going to launch a native app for your eCommerce website simultaneously. That’s why our work with clients always starts with a detailed project over view before we proceed to offer the exact dedicated team.   

How much is it OK to pay for software development services

Every salary depends on the value-for-money criteri on heavily. The more accurately a web developerfits your project tasks, the more expensive the offering becomes.

At the same time, market-related factors adjust the real prices paid — the location from where you hire developer matters. One and the same specia list can cost $64,000 in the USA, $48,000 in Canada, and $18,000 in Ukraine! 

Thus, many IT experts recommend going to Ukraine and hiring a top specialist from this country. Ukraine is known for its best-ranking software development expertise, great industry networking, service quality, and startup culture. The best developers from this market have the greatest value-for-money these days.

Where to find a valuable developer

If you want to hire a developer from Ukraine, refer to us! We’re Lem App, the Ukrainian tech startup that assists business digitalization all over the world. Contact our team, and we’ll be happy to find a front-end or back-end specialist for you — and for a reasonable price!

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