Security Threats That Businesses Overlook

A couple of days ago, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp applications were down for 6 whole hours! In this digital age, where trends change faster than the speed of light – this outage was troublesome.

Especially the businesses that run solely via these massive platforms took a major hit. As per an estimation, Mark Zukerberg had lost 7 Billion Dollars in just these hours. The company did confirm that nobody hacked its core servers, but it was a faulty configuration. No company – big or small – is immune to data & security issues. Facebook, like every other giant, has faced data breaches at some point or the other.

Then how to secure the company’s sensitive information? Here are some tips that can help,


It is a common trick used by many hackers around the globe. Malvertising is a form of advertising where malware is placed within the ads. Once the user plays the ads, the malware downloads itself in the system and spreads around.

Massive companies like Forbes and Spotify were victims of malvertising. Since then, the companies have been more cautious about their IT security. It led to an increase in cyber attacks on smaller websites.

Evil Maid attack

All the employees of the fortune 500 companies know this rule by heart, which is to never leave the desktop or laptop unattended. Breaking this rule becomes a compliance issue and there is a greater chance of firing the employee right there!

These firms are strict about their policies because of cyber attacks like the evil maid. Here the attacker physically accesses and alters it in undetectable ways just so, they can later operate it remotely elsewhere.

Not enough awareness

Regardless of whether the employee belongs to the IT or non-IT sector, they should be given enough knowledge about cyber attacks and security. Many fall prey to such attacks due to their ignorance because they think that system’s malfunction is due to some technical glitch.

That is what the hackers want you to think while trying to access the network. Train the employees about data privacy and data security. It is not just for the new joiners but should be evoked to already existing employees as well.


As technology advances, so do the threats related to it. This generation has the luxury of connecting to one device and continuing it to another. For example, when you search about a product on your phone, the next time you open the laptop’s browser, it will throw the ads related to your recent searches.

Since the Internet of Things (IoT) is connected to one server, it becomes easy for attackers to infiltrate through all the devices – once they get to access one of them. It also includes the work devices you use and the sensitive information stored there. The firm needs to take additional measures to avoid such haphazard.


Businesses are already aware of cyber attacks and take necessary measures to keep preventing them. However, it is equally important to keep yourself updated with the latest technology as the hackers keep advancing too. To find the best cyber security expert, use an efficient website like

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