The Best Way to Make Money by Recycling Gold

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Since word came out that iPhones and other electronic devices contain gold, people have been searching for a gold refinery like baffling.

There are many reasons why it is a good choice to recycle your iPhone, or any other Smartphone, instead of just tossing it, but we should warn you that you are not going to make a profit for its content of gold. If you leave it to an experienced gold refinery, like Core Scientific, they can recover the 0.001 Troy Ounces of gold, which is worth nearly 1.8 dollars.

If you are thinking about recovering gold from any other devices, we are giving you a list of potential gold-containing objects. We can’t give you exact values because it will depend a lot on the item’s size, the thickness of gold plating, and/or the amount of electrical circuits. But the following items may contain some gold you can recycle:

  • Laptops: according to the size and internal components it can change, but the average laptop contains nearly 0.003 ounces of gold, which is three times what a smartphone contains, and is worth about 5.5 dollars.
  • Digital cameras: older digital cameras were bigger and had multiple circuit boards, and can contain the same amount of gold as a laptop, so around 0.003 ounces. On the other hand, modern digital cameras have better technology that allows them to be smaller, but unfortunately for you, they also contain less gold, around the same amount as a cellphone, which is 0.001 troy ounces worth 1.8 dollars.
  • Watches with gold-filled cases, even if they are not of a renowned brand, can have 10 or 20 dollars worth of gold, or sometimes more.
  • Large old electronic components, like the ones contained inside game consoles, laser disk players, and other devices, can contain up to 8 dollars worth of recoverable gold.

The best way to make money by recycling gold from these articles is to gather a large quantity of them, either buying them at a low price or collecting them.

The next point you need to keep in mind is the gold refinery you will send your scrap gold to. Working with an experienced and reputable gold refiner like Core Scientific will give you the certainty that they will extract the most gold out of the scrap and therefore give you the highest possible return.

The best gold refinery will have all these characteristics:

  • Be a direct refiner, so you won’t deal with middlemen that will only pay you less and even charge you with extra fees.
  • Have a cutting-edge refining process, so they will extract more gold and pay you better.
  • Be transparent, so you get a full assay report with the weights of the materials, this way there won’t be any hidden information.
  • Have credibility, so you know that you are working with a trustworthy refinery that will give you the top service.

Core Scientific is the leader of gold refining because it has all these advantages and more. They are a direct refiner, with the latest refining and assay technologies, and an in-house laboratory. They guarantee transparency by providing you with an online portal where you can track your materials at all times, verify the weights and check photos. Finally, they are an INC 5,000 company, one of the fastest-growing companies in North America, and have tons of great reviews.

What are you waiting for? Start working with the best gold refinery now!

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