What should we be looking forward to from Slot Developers in 2021?

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Over the last two decades there have been several high profile developments in the casino gambling market, with the biggest one by far being the arrival of online casinos, something that has got ludicrously popular in a very short amount of time – click to play. It really is mental how successful the online casino industry has been in such a short time, although with all of the benefits associated with it there shouldn’t be any surprises either!

And what is the biggest benefit of the online casino industry? Well, it’s just got to be online slots, right? These wicked online gambling games are all the rage these days, with gambling experts forecasting more than 50% of all global gambling revenue coming from online slots by 2025 – imagine that! But in the meantime, what should we be looking forward to from slot developers in 2021? There’s a lot to look forward to, keep reading to find out…

A timeline of the most important technological developments in the slots world

For those of us who have only been slot gambling for the last few years it can be difficult to appreciate the immense amount of work that has been put in by slot developers to get the industry to where it is today. Over the last several decades there have been multiple technological developments that have been incredibly important. Here is a timeline of the most crucial:

  • 1898: Charles D. Fey creates the Liberty Bell slot machine, widely regarded as the first ever-genuine slot machine.
  • 1964: Bally Technologies release Money Honey, the world’s first electro-magnetic slot machine, which enables many more special features.
  • 1976: Discovery of the RNG (Random Number Generator), enables developers to make the first ever video slot prototype in 1976.
  • 2004: Eyecon release Temple of Isis, widely regarded as the first online slot game ever made.

Slot developers to look out for in 2021

As you can tell, there have been many developments needed to get the online slot industry to where it is today, and without the slot designers putting a huge amount of effort and passion into this it simply wouldn’t have happened. It’s always good to know what the most forward-thinking and determined developers are, so take a look at some slot developers to look out for in 2021:

  • NetEnt: NetEnt have consistently been the top online slot developer in the world over the last couple of decades, seemingly finding it impossible to ever design a bad slot game. They have also been responsible for cutting edge technology like cluster pay systems and avalanche reel mechanics.
  • Big Time Gaming: The British company Big Time Gaming is quite a young developer, however due to their Megaways technology they have rapidly risen to become one of the most highly esteemed companies in the industry.

What should we be looking forward to from slot developers in 2021?

Right then, here are some things to look out for form slot developers in 2021:

  • Increase in virtual reality slots.
  • Much more Megaways slot titles from various developers.
  • Bigger and better progressive jackpots.
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