3 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Have you ever considered trying to discover social media influencers that can help promote your business? If not, look into influencer marketing. According to studies, 90% of marketers who have worked with influencers think it is a successful type of marketing.

But what is it that makes it successful? What can businesses benefit from when they run influencer campaigns? To better understand why influencer marketing is effective let’s examine some of the best advantages it offers.

Brand recognition

One of the primary objectives of the influencer marketing campaign is to create brand awareness for your business and its products. Awareness is the highest level in the marketing funnel. That’s why you can’t anticipate conversions if your customers aren’t aware of your company.

Influencers can increase awareness of your brand’s image among their followers. Based on the influencers you select to collaborate with, you will be able to connect with new locations or even niches of interest. For example, working with a youtuber like Its Jimmy will lead you to a new audience in his country.

The best part is that influencers boost your brand awareness in a way that doesn’t feel like overt ads. Influencer content comes across more like a recommendation from a friend, so followers see it in a more positive light.

Sales increase

If you’re looking to boost sales, influencers can assist you with this, too. The trick is to understand your buyer personas and then find influencers that are able to connect you with that particular segment.

To do this, you must analyze the demographics of the influencer’s audience, such as gender, age and so on, to determine if they’re a good match with the buyer profiles you’ve created.

When you promote sales through social media, it is recommended to create discount codes for influencers. These are codes that are unique to every influencer you work with. The influencer will share the codes with their followers who then receive discounts on your products by using the coupon codes when they shop. This type of collaboration is super comun with tiktok influencers and instagram influencers.

Discount codes incentive sales for two motives. The first is that consumers love discounts. A study has shown that, in the US in particular, 70% of customers believed that discounts were more important than they were one year prior.

Second, consumers are more likely to trust influencers than they trust brands and therefore are more likely to be able to trust your product when they are promoted by an influencer.

Creation of content

The other advantage of working with influencers is that you can access content that is created by someone who is not part of your team. This means you get more diversified content with different views and designs.

Influencers can help you develop content on specific topics or subjects that you may not be an expert on. For example, lots of brands run Pride campaigns in June, but some are a bit tone deaf. Influencers can help make sure this doesn’t happen.

When you are negotiating with influencers, request permission to use their content elsewhere. This will allow you to share it on your own feeds on social media, or even on your site.

Making content takes the time and energy of a professional. So don’t discount the content you generate as a result of collaborations with influencers.


These are only some of the influencer marketing benefits out there. Surely, if you run a campaign, you’ll discover even more benefits. Just remember to choose influencers who align with your brand mission, have healthy profile metrics, and have authentic audiences.

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