A College Admissions Expert Explains What It Takes To Get Into College


An insider’s college admissions handbook from Ivy League admissions specialist Dr. Bella Skoots teaches students how to find and utilize their real passions, stand out from the crowd, and achieve their goals in college and beyond. “Get Real and Get In” is a slogan that says, “Get Accepted.”

“Get Accepted” encourages readers to think outside the box and concentrate on what admissions authorities actually want to see—young people who are willing to be themselves. This book provides an inspirational blueprint for readers to discover their actual passions and utilize them to create applications that stand out from the crowd through engaging, accessible, and emphatic prose. Aviva advises kids to go beyond getting into a “good” institution and instead focus on finding and achieving their long-term objectives.

She isn’t concerned with the hysteria or how to manage first impressions with admissions officers (e.g. get good test scores, take a specific set of extracurriculars, etc.). Rather, she wants to teach youngsters how to overcome stereotypes and to assist parents in supporting their families throughout this time.

I enjoyed her explanation of exhibited interest when reading this book—not it’s who you know, but who knows you. She offers guidance on how to form contacts with key university staff and how to strengthen those connections. She also discusses changing your mindset: instead of merely attempting to “get in,” figure out exactly what you want out of life and how to attain it. This helps pupils succeed once they’ve completed the college admission process. She also gives viewers an inside look at her own college application process.

This is a must-have handbook for navigating the admissions process and acquiring the courage to construct one’s own route to success—in college and beyond. I strongly advise kids and parents to add this book to their library and to listen to her recommendations.

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