Blackjack Rules You May Not Know – Explained


Did you know that there is more to blackjack than merely hitting and standing? You could be forgiven if you didn’t know that there are a few extra moves you can make varying from game to game. Because we all grow up with a basic idea of how blackjack works, it can be easy for some of these moves and rules to be overlooked. However, we don’t overlook anything, and we’re here to introduce you to some of these blackjack rules today.


If you’ve played a few high roller live blackjack variants, you will know that each game has its own slight twists on the rules. These may be higher payouts, lower prizes, different house edges or side bets. One of the rules that can spring up in some games is surrendering. This effectively introduces a “fold” aspect into the game, whereby a player can fold before making a move to reclaim half their bet.

Early Surrender

Early surrender is another type of blackjack rule that you may not be familiar with. Like surrender, it involves tossing away your cards. However, this must be done at a specific time. With early surrender rules, you must toss away your cards if the dealer has an ace or a ten on display and before he or she checks for blackjack.

Insurance Bets

Insurance bets are found in every blackjack game, and yet many players aren’t familiar with them. These can be taken at any time but are only useful if the dealer has an ace or ten showing. This may mean that they have blackjack. You can insure against that eventuality for a small cost. If the dealer does have blackjack, you’ll at least win 2:1 even if you go on to lose the hand.

Pairs Plus Side-bet

The Pairs Plus side-bet is another option in blackjack. This can be wagered on before a hand. What it does is ensure that if your initial hand contains a set of pairs (or better) or another poker hand, you could win cash prizes as dictated by the paytable on the screen. This is not common to all games, so be sure to look for titles that advertise themselves as Blackjack: Pairs Plus. Other blackjack side-bets exist, too, so don’t be afraid to look around if you fancy playing something different.

Switching Cards Between Hands

Switching cards between two or more blackjack hands is only possible if you play selected blackjack games. Blackjack Switch naturally comes to mind. This game allows you to swap cards between hands but comes at a cost – namely, adjusted house edges and payments. The good news is that free-to-play Blackjack Switch games exist, so you can practice and experience this game before you decide to wager real money on it. That should give you an idea if this game is for you before you risk your cash

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