Elijah Norton: From Humble Beginnings To Great Success

Elijah Norton

Today, you may know Elijah Norton as the founder, executive chairman, and president of the multi-million dollar company Veritas Global Protection. However, many don’t know where he started and his incredible journey from humble beginnings to the global success he has achieved since.

So, how did Elijah go from a poli-sci major to becoming an international success in this new industry?

Starting from Humble Beginnings

Elijah’s career began as a political science and government graduate at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he received his bachelor’s degree. He started Red Shield Administration in 2011 with the help of only two workers.

From its inception through the company’s first four years, Elijah Norton and his staff grew the vehicle service contracts organization into a leader in the US industry.

Under Elijah Norton’s leadership, Red Shield Administration achieved the Better Business Bureau’s highly-coveted “A” rating.

In 2014, the organization received Ripoff Report Verification showing the legitimacy of the company and its services. In addition, the organization grew from a leader and two employees into a major corporation with 70 on-site and remote workers.

Careful financial planning, budgeting, and profit projections gave Red Shield Administration everything it needed to achieve financial stability and proven success.

In the vehicle service contracts industry, the corporation’s financial stability made it stand apart from competitors and attract the dedication and commitment of a steady roster of clients.

Elijah’s dedication to this venture transformed it from a start-up in 2011 to a corporation earning more than $10 million in revenue annually in 2014.

Red Shield Administration and Elijah Norton Spreading His Wings

Six years after establishing himself as a top vehicle service contracts leader, Elijah Norton decided to dissolve his interests in Red Shield Administration and spread his wings.

This new journey began due to his growing interest in extended service contract services with nationwide automotive dealers and a desire to venture into the finance and insurance marketplace.

Even today, Red Shield Administration remains a national industry leader in vehicle service contract direct marketing. The organization continues to provide superior auto protection and service opportunities for auto owners, and the staff’s careful attention to detail allows them to offer the best products on the market.

The sale of Elijah’s business interests in Red Shield Administration after six years of leadership in 2017 to his partner wasn’t the end of his journey, but it was just the beginning.

The Inception of Car Guard Administration, Inc.

The Inception of Car Guard Administration, Inc.

 Around 2012, Elijah Norton established a new start-up, CarGuard Administration, Inc., the direct marketing call center, with the help of his business partners.

This brainchild derived from a desire to improve auto protection plans in an industry where customers didn’t receive the care and understanding they deserved.

So Elijah made it his mission and that of his organization to transform the industry and give customers better services and faster claims processes for auto protection they purchased to protect their automobile investments.

In the first quarter, he transformed the business model into a corporation completing at least 1,000 contracts monthly. In addition, Elijah added more than 20 direct marketing partnerships for managing all current and incoming vehicle protection contracts.

These efforts and a keen eye for innovation and success led to rapid company growth and placed him as the chief executive officer leading the company for many years.

In his history, Elijah Norton maintained 50% revenue growth as the CEO and navigated the corporation through a tough market and complex regulatory changes in his chosen industry. However, his tenure as CEO ended as he handed over the reins to his business partner, Trevor Smith, in 2019.

CarGuard Administration, Inc. has moved its offices from Kansas to Arizona and achieves optimal profits from higher-than-average volumes of vehicle protection plans with the incredible staff of administrators brought onto the team by Elijah and his partners.

Today, CarGuard strives to offer the fastest claims processes for auto protection and ensures that the client’s customers are treated with the utmost importance and receive superior services.

Veritas Global Protection, Inc: A New International Dream

Elijah Norton established Veritas Global Protection in February of 2019 to provide F&I throughout the US and internationally.

The success of this new organization is thanks to a committed staff offering superb customer support and services and this exceptional organization’s commitment to providing sustainable financial and insurance products and services to its clients.

Veritas Global Protection and its subsidiaries offer comprehensive F&I products and services, including gap insurance and extended warranties, and Elijah’s focus on dealership expansion brought his brainchild to fruition.

After Veritas Global’s success, Elijah sold his interest in his previous initiative, Red Shield Administration. Instead, he centered all his ongoing efforts on globalizing his services for independent dealerships and franchises.

Veritas Global’s success allowed Elijah Norton to realize his international dream by expanding his business, services, and subsidiaries into Canada, Latin America, South America, and later Europe.

After this significant expansion project, Veritas Global Protection became a true leader in the industry, netting more than $50 million annually in revenues by the first year after the organization’s inception.

Today, Elijah remains the founder, executive chairman, and president at Veritas Global Protection. He continues cultivating solid relationships with his clients and business partners worldwide and takes a personal initiative daily to remain accessible and transparent with partners and clients worldwide.

Elijah is still a licensed insurance agent. He offers his services in all 50 states in the US and continues to own and operate hugely successful businesses and corporations throughout the globe.

While he doesn’t work with or own Red Shield Administration and CarGuard Administration, Inc today, these innovative and globally successful businesses continue to thrive and turn incredible profits thanks to Elijah Norton’s dream, leadership, skills, and impressive abilities in a competitive industry.

Although he started from humble beginnings as a poli-sci major, Elijah has become one of the top business leaders in his field, proving that a tiny idea, hard work, and determination helped him achieve his international dream.

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