How much is a Lamborghini yacht

Lamborghini yacht

For supercar aficionados, Lamborghini’s Raging Bull insignia has a reputation value that rivals that of almost any other automaker. Who can forget the renowned Miura and Countach, or fail to identify a 12-cylinder Aventador incredibly aggressive appearance and high-pitched shriek as a blurred shadow passing on the highway? This yacht is currently priced at $3.5 million. Read more of these facts about the Lamborghini yacht.

What makes the Lamborghini yacht super-impressive?

The business has long built big-block maritime engines for offshore speedboat racing, but then in 2020, it formed a deal with Tecnomar, a division of The Italian Sea Group, to turn the Lamborghini spirit into a savagely designed, high-speed motor yacht.

The very first Tecnomar Lamborghini 63 is presently in the water. In here, 63 refers to the yacht’s length in meters and Lamborghini’s founding year of 1963. During an invited guest event at Tecnomar’s Tuscany-based shipyard, Robb Report was able to see the yacht’s spectacular performance firsthand. Read this to be guided about Tecnomar.

“We didn’t want just a vehicle on the water,” Mitja Borkert, director of Lamborghini’s Centro Stile, explained. “It would have been ignorant to just place the automobile form on top of a hull.” It has to be spotless and elegant.”

“One of the major obstacles was keeping a low profile like the automobiles,” says Gian Marco Campanino, creative director working at The Italian Sea Group. “On a yacht, you need a certain degree of height for comfort.” “Everything was a delicate balancing act between getting it all as light and streamlined as possible while still ensuring that it was durable and vibration-free.”

The unusual hexagonal form of Lamborghini supercars whether seen from the front or back is a hallmark Lamborghini motif. The yacht’s slant hull windows and open transom have been tastefully replicated.

Features of Lamborghini yacht

Other characteristics on the 63 Lamborghini reference models include: The Huracan Evo’s two leather pilot seats are modified versions with Sparaco racing seatbelts; the helm is based on the Aventador’s steering wheel.  The artwork on the dashboard and the aviation-style covering on the start or stop button are identical to those on the automobiles.

The carbon-fiber structure is meant to keep the weight and center of gravity low while the hull is composed of fiberglass for strength. A pair of glistening MAN V12 diesel engines with 2,000 horsepower each are hidden behind the sun pad.

Despite a severe wind whipping up 3 waves throughout a test run, this Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 cruised close to redline with no slamming and minimum vibration. She also proved to be a very dry yacht, with barely a drop of saltwater on the windscreen at the conclusion of the trial.

The 63 is a quick day yacht or weekends cruiser. A galley and kitchen station, as well as a pop-up television and a rear sun pad, are located behind the helm. A forward master bedroom and a guest cabin featuring twin single beds are located belowdecks, both with sporty, carbon-look decor and white and grey leather trim that translates Lamborghini’s automotive design to the water. Other impressive yachts can still be compared here.

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