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Podret – All You Need To Know About Podret Investment

Podret is an online investment program that deals on digital currency. Podret gives a protective and safe platform for your investment. They started operating on binary option since 2012 and they decided to go live so that people can also benefit from their business. Podret has helped many companies through their trading on forex, stock, bonds, metal and many other types of trade for four year now.


1)       Easy to Use

2)       It is economical

3)       They are accountable by keeping accurate records of funds that are deposited on their platform

4)       They are secure

5)       Members account are safe and are not disclose to third party

5)       Their service speed is so fast

They do the trading for you when you make an investment and you see your cash accumulating for you.

With a minimum of $10 you can start your investment which will earn you 14.8% weekly for three (3) months and about 2.8% daily but the percentage do vary depending on the trade for that very day and after those three months you contract terminate and you can reinvest again. Podret offer two methods of funding and also withdrawing your money into your account. The methods are,

1)       Through your local currency (Naira) if you are a Nigerian

2)       Through BITCOIN which will be deposited into you address wallet.

For you to be a member, you need to create your account by using this investment portal and after creating your account a verification message will be send to your email so that you can verify your account. There after you need to add your bank account by clicking on the SEETINGS.

After that you need to fund your wallet by clicking on ADD FUND then an E-CASHER AGENT will be assign to you which you will call to send you his account details for you to pay to him and after payment you need to notify him that you have paid and you will send your full name to him so he can fund your wallet.

When he is through funding your wallet, you will see it that your wallet has been funded and after you go to buy portfolio and your return will start counting the next day.

When your money has accumulated for one month your withdraw by selling your profit. The withdrawal method takes about 24hrs or even less to get to your bank account. This is real as i have received up to 4 times now this year and they are still paying me. Why not grab this opportunity and do not let it pass you by.

Note that exchange rate is 390 = 1dollar

For more information you reach me on 07033325787

Get full detail here



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