The Best LoL Champions at the Moment: Choose Who to Boost Next

League of Legends is one of the most favorite games of players all over the world. It’s well-built and has reached success since its launch in 2009. The choice of a champion always was a dilemma, especially for beginner players.

Picking someone who can beat any opponent is a clear way to the top laners. But what if you don’t know who to choose? What if there’s not enough skill to go through a feat? Many players give up after failing for a week straight.

But we have answers to all your questions, lined up in this post. We’ll discuss the types of top laners, choose the TOP-5 LoL champions, and discuss the opportunity of an LoL boost that can get you through the hardest times for your champs.

Types of Top Laners

To have a permanent place in the top lane, your champion needs lots of qualities. Some of the best representatives are:

  • Hypercarriers.
    These guys are the best when you want to do some damage. By wisely using one, you can destroy several opponents at once. Double feats, double kills will get you a place in the top lane.
  • Supporting Champions.
    These will protect their lane whatever it takes. Their best quality is trading damage and building large tank items to support friends.
  • Splitpushers.
    These are often underestimated and need to collect items before showing their full strength. They get tougher while fighting.

The Best LoL Champions

The leading champions list may change, but as of now, the following show some amazing results.


With loads of CC in his kit, this dude does considerable damage. You’ll need some time and maybe coaching to learn how to use his skills to the maximum. Ornn can buy stuff from the base, which is great for a team that is short in resources. Keep in mind, though, that we’re talking only about non-consumable items.


Many players will be surprised to see Yorick on the list. However, the champ has been updated and is now a great pusher. He’s specialized in clearing waves. Yorick is unstoppable in one-on-one fights, but he’s not very good at soaking damage.


Kled was also recently updated, looking more buff than you’ve ever seen him. He was always one of the best champs to choose, so it’s not a surprise that he’s on the list. The champ has the ability to hypercarry games. But beware of his weakness – tanks.


Difficult to track down, Signed is quick and painful for enemies. Gold regeneration is one of his strong sides, but you’ll have to upgrade him well before fighting ranged players. He can leave poison behind to do even more damage to opponents.


Sett is great at protecting since he has a shield. This gives him an advantage. Being a quick farmer, he will never leave you goldless. He uses basic moves, but they work every time. However, his escaping skills aren’t very good.

Boosting Any Champion

No matter how powerful your champion is, if you don’t have enough skill or dedication, several failures may discourage you from playing at all. This is when professional boosters enter the game.

They can:

  • Log into your account and play for you;
  • Have you play by their side to move up in rankings.

You’re getting a chance to work with a true LoL professional! Boosters are some of the best players that decided to make the game their career. You pay for the time they have to play, and the investment is totally justified in a very short term.

If you choose a reliable boosting service, you will:

  • Communicate with the booster.
    Talking to a professional LoL player, you’ll make a friend and a teacher that will tell you everything about the best tactics and tricks you can use later on. Many boosters are open to any conversation topic, so you can feel comfortable in their company.
  • Protect your privacy.
    Reliable services have a list of safety measures, including the usage of paid VPN services, to make sure your account doesn’t get banned. If you want to know more, make sure to contact the customer support of the boosting website.
  • See the results in a table., for example, has a convenient table on their site that shows you the progress being made. You don’t need to wonder where your money goes. Just look at the table and, when needed, ask your booster about the details of your cooperation.
  • Benefit from great customer service.
    The customer service is top-notch if you choose a business that cares about its customers. You won’t be asked redundant questions, your payment data will be well-protected, and the results will be quick and high-quality. A trustworthy service won’t bother you with large questionnaires, ignoring boosters, or a lagging website.
  • Not overpay.
    Choose a service that won’t charge you for its name. The brand doesn’t matter, the results do. Read reviews online before turning to a booster, see the actual prices, see if the service actually shares the prices. Look for potential discounts and choose the best option. provides all those benefits and much more. Every player finds something there that they want to come back as soon as a problem occurs in the LoL world instead of looking for something else. The boosters go through lots of tests before enrolling, your safety is always a priority, and the results are the ultimate goal! 

A Wise Choice to Defeat Every Enemy

Consider LoL boosting with While a professional helps you skyrocket in rankings, you can learn about champions, tactics, and more from articles like this and your booster. Chat with them and ask to share wisdom and experience. Thus, you will not only get a bonus of a higher rank but make a friend with the same passion but a lot more experience. is the oldest website to offer boosting and coaching services, found in 2012 and launched in 2013. So, when you need help, it’s better to join a service that has helped dozens of thousands of players before

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