What Are The Major Reasons To Translate Marriage Certificate

marriage certificate translation is a legal document as well as the foundation for two people boarding the marriage train. The marriage certificate is registered into the national database, which further contributes to its importance. Therefore, a translated marriage certificate won’t be any less important than its counterpart.

Authenticity and notoriety purposes

When it comes to legal matters that cross international boundaries, Google Translate just won’t do. You would need an expert in linguistic sciences to translate your Portuguese Marriage Certificate. Even then, it is not enough. The translation must be accompanied by a sworn statement by the translator saying the information provided is authentic.

The sworn statement carries significant influence. This is the only piece of document worthy of completing your transfer papers. It can determine your legal status and mark all your documents as authentic. Any attempt to fabricate translated documents can lead to jail time or deportation in severe cases.


A translated Portuguese Marriage Certificate is also beneficial for immigration ministries as it is considered part of your legal file. It is precisely why translators, who work specifically in this field, can provide excellent linguistic services. The choice to hire the correct person for the job is up to you.

You could hire a translator from an expert linguistic firm or hire a stranger from a forum online, but avoid stressing out if the immigration process takes longer if you chose the latter. A translated Portuguese Marriage Certificate can help the authorities identify the particulars and relationships with the applicants a lot easier. Moreover, you need translated documents because numerous embassies do not accept immigration documents in foreign languages.

Passport Requirement

The translated marriage certificate is not a one-time deal. You might need it later in life if you choose to live in a foreign land with an unfamiliar language. Foremost, it is the confirmation that you and your spouses are legally married. It is proof that you displayed your bond in front of witnesses.

You will also need a translated Portuguese Marriage Certificate if you choose to apply for Portuguese citizenship or a passport. You might even need it to open a new bank account as per laws in the residing country.

Insurance Requirement

Suppose you wish to purchase an insurance scheme for safeguarding and protecting your future family, children, or spousal support after your death. You would need a translated marriage certificate which is easier for the insurance office to process and understand.

Financial Support

At an unfortunate time your marriage has met its unexpected end, you would need a translated marriage certificate as more than a wedding proof. It establishes your previous relationship and would be the basis of providing financial assistance to your soon-to-be ex-spouse and children.

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