Why December is the Best Month of the Year


The holidays are upon us and December is the month of celebration! From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, there is so much to enjoy this time of year. Make sure to take some time for yourself amidst all the holiday hustle and bustle and enjoy all that this month has to offer.

December is a month of celebration and joy. Families gather to celebrate holidays, exchange gifts, and enjoy time together.

While December can be a magical time, it can also be a difficult one. The shorter days and longer nights can lead to feelings of sadness and loneliness. And for those who have experienced loss, the holidays can be a reminder of what they are missing.

December is the perfect month to celebrate with family and friends, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

Few ideas to get you started

  1. Deck the halls! Put up some holiday decorations around your home or office. This will help spread the cheer and get everyone into the holiday spirit.
  2. Make a gingerbread house. This classic Christmas activity is fun for all ages. You can even make a competition out of it by seeing who can create the most impressive gingerbread masterpiece.
  3. Go caroling around your neighborhood or local mall/shopping center. Spread some holiday cheer by singing festive songs wherever you go!
  4. Attend a holiday concert or play. There’s nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit than listening to live music performed during this special time of year.
  5. Have a movie marathon. Watch all your favorite Christmas movies back-to-back for an extra cozy night in.
  6. Make homemade gifts. Nothing says “I care” quite like taking the time to make something yourself.
  7. Bake cookies. What’s more Christmassy than baking (and eating) delicious cookies?
  8. Go ice skating It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not – ice skating is just plain fun, especially when done with friends or family.
  9. Volunteer Giving back is one of the best ways to spread holiday cheer.
  10. Plan ahead The holidays can be hectic, so take some time now to plan ahead for things like travel, parties, gift giving , etc. That way you can relax and enjoy yourself once December finally arrives.

The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about gifts! But never fear, we’ve got a few ideas that will help make holiday shopping a breeze.

The Many Faces of December

For the person who has everything: A donation to their favorite charity is always a thoughtful gift. You can also give them the gift of time by offering to do something they hate (like cleaning out the gutters or walking the dog). They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll get some good karma points!

For the foodie: A gourmet food basket is always a welcome present. Fill it with their favorite treats or try something new that they’ve been dying to try. Add in a nice bottle of wine and you’re sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

For the fashionista: A gift card to their favorite store is always appreciated, but if you want to go above and beyond, put together a personalized style guide featuring items from their wishlist. They’ll love getting advice from someone who knows them so well!

But despite the challenges, December is still a month full of hope and happiness. We remember that even in the darkest times, there is always light waiting to shine through. And we hold on to the belief that better days are ahead for us all.

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