WordPress Best Practices – What Design Elements Should You Incorporate?

wordpress best practice

Ideally, everyone should have had an experienced team of designers who would be creative as well as intelligent enough to design the perfect website for your business site on WordPress.  But for people who work solo on WordPress, most of the times you will be a lone warrior trying to figure out what do to make the best designs possible for your site.

You will have to make design choices about which you might not altogether be comfortable with or capable enough to tackle on your own. The design is an essential aspect of any project on the internet, and it will not matter that how relevant as well as wonderful your content is if your visitors do not find them attractive. In this article, you shall learn about some design practices which you can incorporate into your site on WordPress to make it stand out amongst the crowd.

  1. Use Current Designing Trends

Most blog owners on WordPress will not be having a habit of going through trendy contemporary design articles. But there is a chance that you are perhaps already aware, although unconsciously, of what are the raging designs of the times by your casual web browsing. However, it will be well worth the extra time to delve a bit deeper and take some extra efforts to intentionally look for all the significant trends in designing so that you can stay current. Trends become popular as they generate a lot of visual engagement between the content and your visitors by just following some simple rules of designing. You have to become familiar with the current trends as it will refine your sensibility as well as also give you new ideas to innovate as well as improvise. All these will result in creating a more unique visual experience for the casual visitor. Not only will your old followers appreciate it but you will also generate new followers as your visitor counts will likely increase.

  1. Make Your Contents Easily Accessible

Although the bounce rates can vary across all websites, it is a general truth about online designing that many people who will visit your site to read your carefully written content will undoubtedly head directly towards the virtual door. People make fast decisions about the fact whether they would be staying on your website or whether they will leave it, and this decision depends a lot on whether they find the site visually appealing. Hence, you must ensure that the website is at least appealing enough to make visitors linger about longer so that they will look around your content a bit more.

Bad choices of layouts, irrelevant or commonly available contents, and poor search options are some of the things which will send your visitors out, dissuading them from spending any further time on your website.  Your design needs to convince your readers quickly that your page has the information which they are seeking and they must also realize where they will be finding it. The navigation has to be user friendly and everything must be clearly labeled so as to avoid any confusion.

  1. Provide Affable 404 Pages

Websites will break or go down sometimes, even if it is only for some short time periods. While it is something general which one expects to happen but regular users might often feel this is a sign reflecting the awful fact that one cannot trust your website. It is thus prudent for you to invest a bit more time so that you can create a unique 404 error page so that you can reassure them it is not so.

Anything will look better than the default error message from the web server on the white page. An error page which is well designed will however reassure your visitors, giving the impression that everything is quite under control and will soon come back to being normal. For fantastic and cost-effective web designing services you can connect with LasVegasWebDesignCo.


Having a beautiful web design on any website is essential. Good design creates an incredible visual experience for the visitor; it has the power to allure your visitors to go to your site in detail. A poor design can similarly dissuade your visitors from going through your website, no matter how relevant your content is. A beautiful design is aesthetically pleasing and will generate trust in the visitor also.

So you need to invest a bit of your precious time and effort in creating a beautiful design for the website. The tips and techniques shared here will build a strong foundation for a solid design of your site on WordPress. You can use them to improve the visual aesthetics of your WordPress website. Points we have discussed lay the foundation for solid design.

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