3 Essential Qualities of a Successful Corporate Mentor

Qualities of a Successful Corporate Mentor

Good mentoring relationships have benefits for everyone involved. Whether you are a new recruit and have been assigned a mentor to ease the on boarding process, or you are a seasoned mentoring pro, there are always steps you can take to get more out of a mentoring partnership. However, being a good mentor is about so much more than simply sharing professional knowledge. Let’s discover 3 essential qualities of a successful corporate mentor.

A Positive Attitude

In a mentoring relationship, a positive attitude is everything. Mentors must, in essence, model behaviour that their mentee must observe and imitate in order to progress to the next stage of their career. This typically involves demonstrating behaviours and actions required to succeed. For example, this could include admitting to any past mistakes and explaining any corrective actions. Matching mentees to their perfect mentor is a process that can be enhanced through the use of revolutionary HR software such as Together. To find out more about Together mentorship software, go to togetherplatform.com

Furthermore, enthusiasm is contagious. Enthusiasm breeds happiness, and this can trigger moments of creativity that in turn attract success. Consequently, employees like to feel that their job has meaning and can enable them to create a good quality of life. With this in mind, mentors have the potential to influence people every day. As a role model, it is useful to find even small ways to deliver uplifting messages of positivity to a mentee. This could be through a handwritten ‘well done’ note or getting a coffee together.

Able to Provide Tactful Feedback

Feedback is all about letting people know where they currently are and where they can go next in terms of expectations and goals. A key responsibility of a good mentor is the ability to provide guidance and constructive comments. Identifying strengths and weaknesses enables mentees to develop and grow by learning how to use these observations to become more successful in the workplace. Correspondingly, information should be supplied in a useful manner through ongoing performance discussions, specific pointers, and corrective guidance.

Most employees want feedback, as honest assessments enable them to improve their work. However, sometimes people feel uncomfortable delivering constructive comments, especially if this involves addressing a problem or concern. For this reason, a good mentor should be skilled at delivering positively framed and specific feedback in a timely manner. Providing feedback that delivers results does not have to be painful as long as it is approached tactfully.

Willing to Learn

The best mentoring relationships are a mutually beneficial arrangement. Mentoring offers mentors a chance to build their leadership skills, improve their communicative abilities, and, learn new perspectives by working with someone less experienced from a different background. Not only can this be personally fulfilling, but it can also help a mentor to advance their own career by strengthening on the job performance. Demonstrating the need to help others to learn and grow can even open a door to further opportunities.

A good mentor is someone who is committed to their industry and is open to embracing practices that are new to the field. Skilled mentors can stay ahead of the curve by reading and writing about the corporate world and leading or attending workshops and conferences to further deepen their knowledge and skills. Subsequently, a desire for fulfilment and self-growth is fundamental not only for mentoring scenarios but in life too.

With more professionals than ever before entering the corporate mentoring sphere, it is important to understand the qualities that make a good mentor. Ultimately, matching mentees with a mentor who is motivated, skilled, and open minded can enhance the overall quality of corporate mentoring programs.

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