How to Know an App is Safe Enough for Your Kid


In today’s world, Safe Enough for Your Kid. everybody has become completely dependent on smartphones. This is not a bad thing as smartphones have helped in improving the quality of life of people all over the world.

There is virtually no one who can imagine a life without phones in this time and age. And if you can, you’d know it is just not as pleasant. For instance, having to wait days before having your message get delivered can really be a huge buzz kill.

However, just the way the internet and smartphones have good effects, a lot of disadvantages abound. The level of freedom the internet allows is a major pitfall of theinternet. Sometimes, the magnitude of the problems the internet might bring may force you to sell your iphone

Kids are the most vulnerable set of people when it comes to the use of the internet. It does not only expose them to strangers and unwholesome content, but it could also be an avenue for cyberbullying and mental health issues among young people. Did you know that apps such as Bigo Live, Whisper and After School (among others) are very dangerous for your kids? Well, now you know.

As parents and guardians, it is your responsibility to Safe Enough for Your Kid from the messy side of the internet. One way to do this is to take their phones away from them. This solution is very impractical. This is because we live in a technology-driven world and divorcing children from tech can have devastating effects on the young person.

The most practical way to protect your kids from bad stuff on the web is to make sure their phone apps are safe and appropriate enough for their use.

Here are ways to find out if an app is safe enough for your kid to use:

  • Check if it has age verification
  • Check if it makes other users know the location of your child. If it does, delete it.
  • Check if the app filters adult content away from the view of young users
  • Check if the app has access to the contact list or media files on your child’s phone.

Having the above-mentioned information allows you know where you could come in to keep your kid(s) safe as a parent. Goodluck!

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