Boxing Day Week In The English Premier League A Major Factor

boxing day week

Recently, Boxing Day the global sports betting (sports gambling) market has increasingly gained more popularity around the world, hence, turning to become an unprecedented fastest-growing industry across the world. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing sectors if not the fastest in the world, offering the imaginary potential for both sportsbooks and bettors.

This rapid growth could be attributed to the recent digital revolution as well as the ease of government regulations on gambling in the last few decades, which aid the popularity increase and the significance of betting industries. This has made the sports betting industry, to presently undergo dynamic changes, expanding in established markets and forging its way into new ones, thereby providing more opportunities to both the operators and gamblers.

Although this was seen in the past as illegal and something negative, which is not respectable or seen as a social norm but has presently been changed, making the industry a significant multi-billion-dollar industry around the whole world that is most likely to continue to grow. This no doubt has cut across virtually all the sporting activities carried out today all over the world including football, horse racing, greyhounding, boxing day, cricket, baseball, golf, basketball, among many others.

Boxing Day Week of English Premier League Matches as A Chance for Betting

Over the past decade, sports betting operators have gradually invaded the world of football, especially that of European football. So rare are now clubs that do not have a sports betting operator as a sponsor or partner in major European championships. This global sports betting sector certainly occupies the major market share in the overall online gambling industry accounting for over 40 % of the worldwide gambling revenue generation.

However, the world’s most popular football league, the English Premier League is not left out of this, as the operators channel their betting options to the league, thereby offering more chances for gamblers to bet on the games played in the league. As 2019 boxing day week approaches, English Premier League matches stand the chance to be the major target of these operators in the industry. 

Some of these major operators such as bet are likely to create more betting chances, increasing the potentials of gamblers to win their bets. Therefore, as boxing day week in the English Premier League, 2019/2020 season approaches, gamblersare to be expecting a more promising betting period of the season than one could imagine.

The Sports Betting Market in England

If sports betting operators are scarce on the jerseys of League clubs England, they are legion across the Channel, where betting appears almost as a way of life. A report from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) shows that 54 percent of all English adults gambled at some point last year. A figure not so surprising when we know that nearly 8,500 sports betting and chance games shops exist on English territory alone.

For this 2019/2020 season, half of the Premier League clubs have a sports betting operator as a sponsor and only but few have no sponsor or partnership with a sports betting operator for this season. This figure increases considerably in the Premier League clubs, where most of the clubs in the division are sponsored by an operator of this kind. They pay more and more to appear on the jerseys of Premier League clubs reaching 69 million pounds this season, ten million pounds more than last season, hoping to get themselves known and patronized by millions of EPL fans across the globe. 

What Boxing Day Week of English Premier League Promise Gamblers

The English Premier League has over the years recognized as the world’s most-watched sports league,broadcasted in 212 territories to over 643 million homes with a potential TV audience of over 4.7 billion people.

As its boxing day week approaches with match fixture aiming to make the people around the world feel happier with their loved ones all through the holiday, many sports betting operators on their own promises to offer a lot of chances with winning potentials for the gambler to bet on those games.

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