Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Colorado

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Colorado ranks among the top 5 states in the US with a high rate of alcohol and drug abuse. Known for its user-friendly law towards Marijuana, the intake of methamphetamine, opium, cocaine, heroin and lots of other drugs has been on the rise since the early ’90s.

In 2007, 747 people died from causes directly linked to addiction of drugs or alcohol placing its death toll on a scale larger than that of a car accident or guns across the state.

While the intake of marijuana might have gained a reliable stance in the state, a survey from TED in 2014 showed that 1,035 or more individuals per 100,000 engage in alcohol abuse. The number of individuals addicted to marijuana is estimated to be within 123-164 persons per 100,000.

Although in 2018, a retail marijuana sales law geared towards reducing the amount of marijuana that can be sold to an individual per day was passed. Due to the alarming rate of drug trafficking in the state, opium and heroin addiction have tripled over the years. Treatment admissions for people suffering from heroin and opium addiction grew from 4,542 to 6,216 in 2014.

The Electronic Prescription Monitoring Program created in 2005 has played a major role in the reduction of prescription drug abuse across the state. The numbers attached to the abuse of prescription drugs met a massive decline in 2014. Colorado currently ranks 3rd out of the 50 states with regards to drug-related deaths.

Treatment Centers in Colorado If you are ready to change your lifestyle and live a fulfilling life, it’s important to look for a drug and alcohol rehab centers in Colorado for treatment to help you in the process.

We are the best addiction treatment center in Colorado, and you can be assured our staff will take care of you throughout the journey. Contact us today (844) 377-8070 for more information about our treatments.

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