VideoProc, Easy and Quick Solution to Process and Edit DJI Drone Videos On Computer

drone videos on computer

Choosing good video processing software is not easy, even to professionals who are experienced in the field, especially with the arrival of Edit DJI drone devices.

So, if we have a high definition recording device, such as the classic DJI drones, we will most likely have problems editing the videos, especially if they are in 4K format. Functions such as editing, converting, cutting, resizing, and adjusting DJI Videos, 4K UHD videos, DVDs, and music are not for any software while choosing it requires something right.

It is of utmost importance that all the audiovisual archives that we use to accompany our content and sales pages, should be as professional as possible. Therefore, knowing the best programs to edit videos should be a priority task for you, especially if you want to get the attention of your target audience with tutorials, webinars and even with small explanatory clips or presentation of services and products. But this could be a difficult task for many, especially as it relates to knowing the video editing software for a new device like DJI Videos.

Hence, this article focuses on VideoProc as an easy and quick solution to process and edit DJI drone videos on a computer, especially for processing DJI drone 4K, 2.7K, HD and other large-sized videos.

What Is VideoProc

With the arrival of consumer drones, they are expected to create a new wave in the world of photography and as a matter of fact, one needs the best DJI video editing software for drone images. However, VideoProc has been provided as a video processing software that allows us to edit and transcode high-quality videos, such as 4K formats, without compromising on their quality.

Although VideoProc is not presented as a direct alternative to other tools such as GoProQuik, Studio, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Elements or iMovie, it is a solid software solution to process and retouches, in an easier way, large volumes of videos and images in HD and 4K.

VideoProc, An Excellent DJI Drone Video Editor

VideoProc is a powerful DJI Drone video editor with GPU acceleration that is especially skilled in managing and editing DJI Videos, very easy to use, with low CPU consumption and several really useful functions. It is perfect if we don’t want to go into more “rocky” terrain with professional editors like Premiere Pro or Final Cut.

On the other hand, the free software that usually comes with DJI devices, for example, does not usually support video editing in 4K, as well as many other video editing programs, which fall a little short in this regard. Something that we can achieve with VideoProc, software available for Windows and Mac with both free and paid versions.

Benefit of using VideoProc

The shift from modern videos to higher quality resolutions increases the CPU load, which leads to overheating of the CPU most of the time, leading to delay of the PC and excessive battery consumption. To solve this, VideoProc makes use of hardware acceleration, which exploits the parallel processing capacity of the GPU, which results in a reduction of time and consumption.

The high performance of the GPU video processing has been further demonstrated by the exclusive 3-level hardware acceleration (HWEnc, HWDec, and HW), which offers speed, 5 times faster than HWEnc-only tools, much less than other programs based on software acceleration.

You can configure the Hardware Acceleration by clicking on Settings Options, go to Hardware Acceleration. Then click on VideoProc – Video Option that can be located right, next to Hardware Acceleration Engine.

Using VideoProc is really simple and intuitive, which hardly requires tutorials or long instructions. By simply choosing the function we want to carry out (in this case process, convert or edit videos), and select our video, we will see the multiple options available to choose from. Among them, we find the option effect, with which we can not only cut the duration, but also add a different lens, color, and even the image itself.

Besides, VideoProc has other remarkable functions such as:

  • Image stabilization in videos.
  • Process and edit 4K, 2.7K (Marvic Mini) video.
  • Cut, trim, subtitle and even add watermarks.
  • Correction of distortions of fisheye lenses.
  • Record and share from any device or screen.
  • The elimination of ambient noise.

How to Process and Edit 4K DJI Videos Using VideoProc

Many people have complained about the best way to process and edit DJI Videos or videos in 4K. This can be so painful because the programs they are using are often too heavy on resources or the whole method is very complex. Thus, the good thing about VideoProc is that neither the process is complicated, nor its software too heavy on resources.

Any that have a modern computer with a multi-core CPU and a moderately powerful GPU along with it, your experience with using VideoProc to process and edit DJI Videos would not be affected by any factor. In fact, you can follow the guide below to see how easy it is to process 4K videos with VideoProc. So, if you are looking to cut, crop, edit or even stabilize DJI 4K Videos, then this software is good for you. All you need is to follow the steps below:

Go to download VideoProc on your Windows or Mac computer, the install is quite simple and straightforward. Once the software is installed, simply continue and run it.

Step 1: When running this DJI video editing software, you will have options to check your hardware acceleration. Once this is done, go to Video Processing section.

VideoProc also offers you options to convert DVDs, download YouTube videos as well as record desktop screen.

How to Process 4K DJI Videos

Step 2:Click the Video + button to import one or more videos in order to edit them.

After loading videos into VideoProc, you will then see options like cut, watermark, crop, rotate effects and subtitles. From there you can choose any option based on your needs as it will direct you to a new screen.

In VideoProc user guide, you can see the details like how to cut, crop, split, merge, trim videos, add subtitles, denoise, etc.

Step 3:Choose a target format for the video conversion. In the Toolbox, you can also find the related video editing features.

As we are talking about editing DJI Videos, simply click on the Toolbox tab so you can find it in the interface.

Here is the VideoProc official video guise on how to process and edit 4K videos


VideoProc is a powerful 4K video editor with GPU acceleration that is especially skilled in managing and editing DJI Videos. You can easily use it to process and edit 4k and large-sized videos. This DJI video editing software, in a nutshell, offers a fast process and edit 4K, 2.7K (Marvic Mini) video.

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