Getting All on 6 Dental Implants is Better for You

ll on 6 dental implants are the best option due to the strength and stability it gives to the person, making it a more comfortable and long-lasting solution for that perfect smile.

Are you missing a full arch of teeth? Or any procedure may leave you with a lot of space? Dentures may come as a viable option, but all the cares for it to last (or not fall or seam fake) are not attractive at all?

All on 6 dental implants make it easier in the long run for:

  • Getting back to your normal routine
  • Enjoying eating again
  • Forget about removable dentures
  • Obtaining a lifelong solution

Each time you chew or bite into something, it’s important that the pressure is dispersed evenly onto your implants and through to your jaw. Making it as close of a biting experience as if you had with your original teeth.

The All on 6 dental implants usually doesn’t require bone grafting. Being the perfect solution for the patients who have low bone density or volume in their jaw.

The whole process of getting implants:

  • Assessment: In this process, it involves taking x-rays and scans to assess the anatomical structures in your mouth and if there might be any bone loss. If everything looks good to go, the impressions of the mouth will be used to manufacture your new set of teeth.
  • Treatment: Procedures typically take about two to three hours to be completed. During the surgery, intravenous sedation or local anesthetics will be used. The implants will be given the priority to get healed, so that is why a temporary light dental arch will be used until the jaw has recovered properly. Avoiding particularly hard or sticky foods is one of the recommendations in this process.
  • Healed restoration: Getting fully healed might take a few months, depending on your personal case. In the final step, the gums are healed and the temporary dental arch will be replaced with the permanent ones. This dental arch will be the one that gives you the desired end result.

No mouth is the same, so it’s important for your dentist to thoroughly evaluate your mouth before beginning the procedure. In the end, it is a decision that should be made on a case-by-case basis. Due to this, it is better to have an in-person assessment.

At Dental Clinic in Cancun we are a team of attentive and professional dental specialists, in which we can give in our assessment appointment more personalized information. Being able to check your case will be better knowing your dental history, making it better to take care of your dental needs.

If you think you could be a candidate for all on 6 implants, call our dentist to take care of all your questions.

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