Growth Hacking Techniques To Improve Your Business Marketing

Hacking Techniques

In this fast-paced world, every second day, we see the rise of a new startup and the fall of another one. Every ambitious business wants to become the next big thing in the world of technology. What makes you the best is not the product alone but a series of the decisions you make to launch it.

It’s always a run against time. So, how should a company ideate its marketing? There are different strategies available that are tried and tested. However, if you want to get the best results, you need to try all different hacks at once to get as much exposure as possible.

The process of systematically strategising the marketing of a product in various marketing channels is called growth hacking!

And here are some tips to help you understand and also employ them,

When there is no audience

Not every business that starts has a heavy audience. It has to gather one person at a time. In such cases, the ideal practice is to get on to a distribution channel that already has a set of targeted audiences. Having a clear picture of your target audience is vital.

When you know who your audiences are then, it becomes easy to find a distribution channel that concentrates on the said group. Look at the smart move AirBnB initially created. It encouraged the new users to post about them on Craigslist, in return for a tempting offer! This cross-posting created a stir and gave them their target audience.

When you have an audience

Maintaining a good relationship with the existing clients is much more important than finding new ones. Always remember that 20% of those loyal customers draw 80% of the revenue to the company. Leverage the existing customer to refer to the new ones.

Nobody does anything for free in business. So, offer the existing customer an additional discount or extend their subscription for every new referral. The same needs to go with the new joiners. Welcome them and cater an awesome offer for joining. This chain will help you gain new clients without having to waste your budget on ads.

Email them all

In the world of business, no contact is a dead contact. You might not have cracked the deal initially but, you will definitely cross paths again. Regardless of loyalty, keep in connection with every customer via email. It is the most professional way of getting to know your customers and pitching in your latest products.

New clients, closed subscribers and the ones that did not finish through the sales funnel. These are the basic lists you need to create so you can draft emails accordingly. Contacting through their email addresses has become easier than ever. answers your question on how to find peoples email addresses. This AI-powered website is just like the whitepage, but for email contacts.


While finding the audience matters, creating exclusivity increases the chances of success. Your website might still be in the testing stage that can accommodate only a few right now. Take that to your advantage and publicise your exclusivity, all while improving the software. The public cares about being exclusive!

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