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How to Guest post

What happened to that beauty blog you have been running for the past four years? Remember how you said you would make something out of yourself in just one year? Your dedication and motivation factors behind that blog lit the room. If we have to look at it the proper way, then I must say that I worked too. You wrote some pretty good content, and it was always very well-written – and why wouldn’t it be? You were still so into it. But then the dream or perhaps the wish of you getting something huge out of it got smudged under the wave of working without a plan or proper research

Do you want to know what went wrong? You did not know one good thing – and that good thing would have given you everything to fulfill that dream of becoming the best blogger in your eyes. You worked hard, but you forgot to work smart. This article will let you know what you and every person who has been trying for so long is missing. It won’t be the exaggeration of words if I say that this will get your blogging game sharp and polished for the best. Grab your cup of coffee and start reading and bringing a noticeable twist in your successful blogging story. The life-changing term is called Guest posting; let us learn more about it down below.

What is the guest posting

Guest post is a term or a kind of job which is an approach to distribute your work or write blog posts on other vital sites by contacting the owner of the blog on which you want your material to be on.  When the owner of the blog accepts collaboration for your posts on their blog, this term on your end will be called or tagged as a guest post. It is all in the name. Posting on someone else’s blogs as a guest is called a guest post.

It has a firm definition which goes on a professional and structural level as Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s websiteor blog

So bid your farewell to just sticking to the old-fashioned way of just posting on your blog day and night.  Get out and move your level as the world is advancing at a fast rate on each passing day. Learn the best possible way of getting more out of your blog by interaction with people in the comment section of other popular blogs. It is as easy as you think, all you need is good interaction and knowledge of which blog would be able to help you in any way.

What to look for when you start to work on guest blogging?

Let’s assume that the fire of guest blogging has just started in you, and you want to make yourself known. What do you think you need to search or keep in mind before doing all this research and work? People don’t take the matter seriously and blow the opportunity of guest blogging right out of their hands. It is essential to know how to fall in and take this opportunity at the very best form possible. The following things are to be kept in mind. 

  • The first and most important thing is that you have to know what works for you. It is not good to take risks, so when you start looking for blogs where you want to start guest blogging, make sure you choose the blogs which offer content of your niche. Some people go up and about, reaching topics out of their niche. It is a good thing when you are used to it, but for starters, it is way better to stick with the basics – and what you are comfortable at writing.
  • Make sure to know the audience of the blog you want to write for. Nothing will suck more than knowing that what you write with your heart and mind, at the end – the people of the blog are not interested. So, make sure that whatever topic you choose, fits best when it is delivered and is liked by most of the reader by eyes and soul – as writing isn’t for the eyes alone, it is for the soul too.
  • The other thing which should be kept in mind is the track of the owner you are willing to be hosted by. It is essential that your owner is socially active and will be promoting your content throughout. You do not just start writing like that, and it is indispensable to keep an open eye on everything which might affect you.
  • Make sure that the blog Is not dead. The best way to know this is by looking up for it in the comment section. Make sure that the audience is active and responding to things in the comment section because if that is not happening, then it is a lost cause and you won’t get anything out of this. As you know, it is about all the little things that matter. People usually look for the bigger picture and forget these tiny details before starting. Keeping these things in mind will warm you up and make you ready for the big and fruitful adventure of guest blogging. Baby steps of knowledge at a time and you will be shocked to see how it all works for you.
  • Start looking for google searches before you get your hands into the sector. You can start looking for keywords which will let you know how many or which blogs have spaced out for your guest posting or guest blogging. One single google search, and voila, you are the topbest blogger in a spot of many.

You can’t go for guest blogging without this:

The main thing you ought to think about when getting ready to guest blogging is that all that you spread out will be a little piece of your writing and the thought of advertising procedure. This implies that you have to convey quality material, articles that might be considered as profitable to your very own fans or let’s say (people who like reading your writing).

So, in the end, if you think you would want to write or deliver articles which are not your cup of tea (out of your niche), ensure that you study their group of interest and make posts that will raise their awareness and liking towards the topic. Because the more they get engaged, the more they will fall for your material.

Why do you think this level has to be this high at calibre? As a matter of first importance, there are a large number of bloggers on the internet that are using writing material showcasing procedures and guest blogging techniques all together to rise more mindfulness and eventually, assemble their brands. This points that you have to stand apart from the group by making something extremely novel and incredibly expert to guarantee that you’re competent in this exceptionally aggressive market.

Besides, the Google Phantom update assesses client involvement to some extent by seeing who composed the web content and evaluating whether the author knows a specialist content maker.

How can a guest posting help you?

Wake up; there is something bigger than and better than the dreams you are having while you are asleep. Guest posting is a technique which can add countless stars to your blogging reputation. There are many perks of guest posting – and let me tell you that none of them will give you down.

Better relationships with different bloggers:

What do you think to attract bloggers? Yes, good quality of content. By being a decent guest blogger and increasing the value of another person’s blog, you’re going to improve your relations with different bloggers.  Bloggers make up a massive level of viral topics which are taking part on the internet in this era, especially on socially active sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can be colossally persuasive. Which makes them great companions to have around. So, having good relations with different bloggers is the way to go. By warming up to varying bloggers through guest posting, you will develop your impact in the domain of web-based life, which will last longer than you have thought and eventually lead to more blogsupporters.

Helps with branding

Have you ever wondered what that one thing that makes you who you are is? It is that one specific thing which puts a name on your or your work’s being. Guest Posting is an extraordinary method which helps people when it comes to structuring or sculpting your image name, also known as branding.

What is stopping you? Yes, maybe it’s that one thing. You have everything else; you have the image of everything in your mind, how it is supposed to go. You have the written material of your ideas and message. What you are lacking is that sharp way and chance of educating others about your plans and everything you are delivering. Well, you do not have to worry because guest posting will guarantee that you share your thoughts with people who are genuinely intrigued by every engaging content you bring to the table. Your specialty composing, of the way you write and your information, sets up you as a brand. This doesn’t stop here. We know how exactly we see pictures of authors in the guest post, it is a win-win situation, you get a brand out of yourself – and guest posting is the only way to get it.

Makes you meet new audience and people

You might not believe it, but the best side or corner of guest posting is that it enables you to enter an officially settled network, blog. Which already has different sort of audience and offers your content a new insight. It allows you to associate with unique individuals, which can happen at last advantage you, in many ways, but for that, your content has to be useful. There are a lot of people who get this chance, but fail because their content is never worth it.

You are probably holding hands with guest posting so that it increases the value of your blog; you’re going to see that the people multiply after some time to more visitors, fans, and supporters. On the other hand, if all you’re regularly doing is asking or selling, you may wind up being popular. When you post your content, which is excellent on different blogs, it makes an increase in the number of people on your blog. You get a new visitor, and when they get a glimpse of your written stories, it is when you shine.

Helps increase your writing style and skills

Nobody starts with perfect English and an engaging writing style. It is a quality that people develop over time, and it only gets better with what? You know what I am talking about. It is the good old friend of ours in every field, t is called the practice. When you start writing for different blogs, as a guest, you get conscious of how you write. The entirely based changes you develop in your writing through time on the fact that you want to deliver something which looks professional yet engaging, after all, it is all about getting the attention of people of other blogs and making them like you.

You focus more on the topics which a lot of people prefer, and then you deliver in your way of writing it. A piece of single news can be achieved in thousands of different ways; it is all about the writer, what direction he chooses to deliver them. Guest posting gives you an exposure of the topicsout of the niche, and hence, increases writing skills as well as style. In the end, it is what makes you remarkable – and gathers traffic to you, for the way you write and what you write – holding hands with guest posting.

Makes you noticeable on search engines

One thing that we don’t engrave in our mind as an important is the value of us or for what our blogs are known for it  – and what else do you think has the power to make your blog famous other than it appears on top at the search engines?

The host, of the blog you want to post as a guest, must incorporate a link to your blog in the post somewhere. It could either be at the start of the blog or somewhere at the bottom, make sure this happens because of this matters. After some time, these backlinks will raise the estimation of your blog to people who search, making your material of entirely written words, more uncomplicated to discover utilizing Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other many search engines there are out there.

It is usually the best perk you can get from guest posting, you post your material and understand that recognizable position on the searchengines, which most people do not arrive quickly.

The power of guest blogging

It might be a different term to start it, but I don’t want my fellow readers who are sipping on water (or perhaps coffee) to be worried. It is just a different term, or we can call it format. Whatever you post on someone’s blog, getting out of your niche or your comfort zone is considered as guest posting. Now that we know the benefits of guest blogging let’s move further and see what more this thing has to offer.

Guest blogging is a fantastic opportunity with regards to writing advertising since you do not have to be worried about a financial limit, you need just time and, obviously, the magic within your scribbled words, which is required for such a task to come to living. What are you getting out of it? It is what you have ever demanded. You will pick up the pace of your brand introduction, your people, readers and many other peers will know you for what you do, and at the end of it all, you’ll get the cherry on top. You will be placed on a higher rank on search engines.

The Hustle:

Okay, well let us assume that everything you just read has made an impact on your mind, and you finally got what I tried to deliver.  But what now? It doesn’t stop here. There is more to it than what meets the eye.

Once you have learned the knowledge about and how-to, it is time for you to know what exactly is it, which will let you go further on this journey. I know I am probably beating about the bush, but what I mean is that it is time where we find out or point out which blogs accept guest blogging or posting. It is not an easy task, and there is a lot more research and work done. Or we can just put a period on it and say that its more natural said than done.

The blogs which accept guest post

It could be hard to find a blog or website which would allow your position as a good host, but it is not impossible. All it takes knowledge of the right way to do it. All the things we have talked about, keeping those in the firm grip of your mind and voila, you are good to go around blogs that accept guest post.

With that being said, there are different categories of blogs which will accept your guest posts, because everyone has a different niche. The vast diversity that people have these days is remarkable, and because of that diversity, people are accepting change and being more open to self and other acceptance. Let’s move forward and look out for all the different categories of blogs.

Food Blogs that will accept your guest post

Why not start with something which would be a little incentive, to read the article till the end? I don’t know about you, but I am totally into food blogs – and who wouldn’t be? The stomach is the way to the heart!

One of the delights of writing for food-related blogs is adapting new plans. You could even build up your culinary abilities here if this is what you want. Besides, this unique experience can be added to your skill, which could move you to compose a formula or cookbook. If you are an expert and like sharing your bond with people who would like to read your style of writing about, cooking, recipes – anything which has a link with food, then you will undoubtedly enjoy getting your grip over this.

Find your way from the blogs down below, and start your guest posting – see yourself grow like never before.

  • Eat Drink Better (Domain Authority: 53):

Are you into those people or let’s say interest topics, which offer food justice and their policies? There are a lot more politics that goes on and revolve around the food blogging side of the world as there are in other sections. If you are a real food fanatic, you know exactly what I am talking about. Submit 3 of your best samples through emails, and if the quality is there, your guest post will be accepted.

  • Elephant Journal (Domain Authority: 70):

Before you get too excited, it is better if you read the blog and see if your Idea has already been published. If it is, then there is no use for you to make a post which has already been there. Make sure you read the guidelines before submitting your guest post request – and once you are fully prepared, you now have a story to tell and a bunch of people who would enjoy your account. A point to be focused on is that make sure that the readers would appreciate what you deliver because after all, it is all about what people want to read.

If you are one of those people who are into organic and natural food, then this is for you. Many people appreciate natural food blogs. They will accept your guest post if it is engaging, make sure your writing is professional and creative at the same time. Submit your samples through email and wait for a reply – with crossed fingers and hope that your guest post request gets accepted.

Writing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If you ask me, writing can be something which conveys thoughts, ideas and even words which can never be sorted down if they were not meant to happen. There is magic which gets delivered in the scribbled words– and for that magic to work, there has to be a connection between the reader and the host. If that connection is not there, then whatever you are delivering will not be reached to the heart or the mind of the people. Do you think you have what it takes? Down below is a list of writing blogs that will accept your guest posts.

It should be understood that whenever you are writing for a writing blog, it means that your style and your way of writing should be high quality, fluent and entirely error-free. If you have all these qualities, then you can consider yourself a great writer.

To get your guest posts posted on this blog, you have to write 800 to 1000 words of sample and read the guidelines carefully. Make sure you read through every detail and do what it has asked for you to do. Post your samples through emails – maybe you are the next person who becomes their nextguest blogger.

  • Freelance writing(Domain Authority: 53):

Do you have any freelancing stories about all the things that made you who you are today? If yes, then this blog is specially for you. It is time for you to get started with your guest post and reach millions of people who like to know you for who you are. Share your stories, insights, experience, all what you did and how hard you worked because apparently, people are very interested in the field of freelancing and hear your side of the story.

This blog is all about sharing new techniques, revealing new ideas and tips for bloggers. It is tough to get in as a guest blogger, but it’s never impossible to write something creative and out of the box, which is helpful, informative and engaging. Try your luck – perhaps you will be chosen by them as a next guest blogger.

Health and lifestyle blogs:

I know it is Ironic that after food blogs we are talking about health and lifestyle blog, but that is okay I guess, that is how the world is. If you’re interested in maintaining health and celebrating new lifestyles, or if you have experience on something you can write on yourself, then this one is for you. All you have to do is write elaborative content on these topics, and voila – the following blogs must help you become the next Big blogger of your time.

If you think you are eligible for writing about medicine, women health, emerging Sciences and health and fitness articles, then you are very welcome here. You have to remember and keep in mind that the content you want to deliver has to be high quality and written well. Start your writing down in manners and let them make sense for you. Inspire people with what you are – and there you have it. You are the next guest blogger.

Have you ever imagined what impact your words could make on a person? This blog is all about change in people and how we can influence someone. Write something positive, life-changing on blogs like these and become the best motivational speaker, for someone who wants it. Avail this chance of becoming a good guest poster with a great relationship.

You will be happy to write something which will move you on the inside and see that it affects someone else’s life too. Get up and bring change, in the category of health and lifestyle – maybe they are all waiting for you.

Are you a fitness fanatic? Do you believe that a clean body is a reflection of pure mind and heart, how exercising releases stress and increases metabolism, how emotional strength is heightened and your way of living? If you are one of those people who take fitness into account and if all of this is true, then this blog is for you. Start writing and making people better because a healthy body means a healthy life, generation and mind.

There are many other categories people want to write and let me tell you that the internet is full of those things. All you have to do is a little research and a short extra time off, and there you have it. It is easy to become a guest blogger if you have it all figured out. You need the right kind of information. Show and polish your abilities; working like this can make you the best guest blogger, the best way to earn money and be accessible for everything you are.

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