Guest Post Secrets to Attaining Google First Page

guest blog
guest blog

What is Guest Post?

Guest post is a simple marketing technique for every business. This is not the case of spending money in advertisement.

guest post

There have been so many proofs that almost every person globally now surf for information’s on the internet. Google, been the key player in content ranking and indexing has figured a technique of ranking meaningful contents on its search engine. Google algorithm has all it takes to rank guest post.

Why Guest Post?

As the name implies, this is a guest contents published by writers to gain awareness and exposure for certain products, services, etc.

Guest post spreads the word on the search engine thereby providing solutions to certain problems. This is not a review but a guide to problem which in return brings solution.

To really get the best from a guest post, a topic must be well structured with samples and solutions.

Guest posting saves marketing cost and time. If a content is well constructed this can rank on Google first page and for a certain keywords and may stick on the front page for month if not years.

Let’s assume we have 5 million people searching for “how to reduce fat” and a content you wrote and published in a related blog gained Google first spot in same post you specified a link for remedies where the product is been sold.

This could be your own blog with the affiliate banner embedded. Imagine hundred of readers will be storming that banner and if you get 1-5 percent coming from the search engine out of the 5 million searches. This indeed is a six figure income you make on monthly basics without begging.

Guest Post

To really get the best from guest post. You must Structure your content with explanatory images and it possible add a video, with a proper and well organized post you can be getting a lot of link juice and quality back links from authority blogs which in turn boost your own blog SEO. There are many factors and benefits to this if you can embark on writing or sourcing for guest post writers and publishers now.

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