A Guide to Premium Office Space in Australia

office space australia

With a great climate, fantastic standard of living, great infrastructure and a well-educated, driven workforce, Australia is a great place to lease an office for your business. The major cities throughout the country, from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth and even locations like Hobart, each have something unique to offer business owners looking to expand operations in Australia.

Leasing an office space, as with any major business decision, is not to be taken lightly. You need to consider all of your options, do your research and find a location that suits your business needs while also staying within your budget. Finding an office in a prime location is not always cheap but luckily there are different options out there, other than the traditional long-term leases, that you can take advantage of.

Continue reading for our guide on leasing premium office space in Australia.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

First and foremost, you need to consider the cost of a premium office space. Serviced offices, virtual offices and coworking spaces can be a great alternative to traditional office spaces in the major cities. Servcorp is a premium office space provider in Australia who offer office solutions in all of the major cities for one flat monthly fee which includes your monthly rental rates, amenities, utilities and even staff.

A setup like this will save you a lot of money when compared to a traditional lease. It also allows you to situate your business in a sought-after area of your city of choice without any of the high setup costs or expensive rental rates. This helps you to gain access to a premium office space and still keep your budget in check from month to month, knowing there are no surprises coming down the line.

Location is Key

When seeking out premium office space in Australia, location is key. Look at any of your major competitors and you’ll quickly see that they’re situated in prime locations in the CBD, allowing them easy access to all the business services on offer. From these prestigious locations, they are also better positioned to meet with clients, attract investors and ultimately, close more contracts and increase their overall company image and bottom line.

Remain Flexible

Premium office space is just that, premium. It’s in short supply as there are only so many prime office buildings in any given city. With this in mind, it can be easy to panic and sign a one to five-year traditional lease just to ensure that you are in that sought-after location. However, don’t go making any hasty decisions before sussing out all of your options.

Alternative office solutions such as serviced and virtual offices don’t require you to sign any lengthy leases and instead offer flexible month-to-month payment options. If you are just starting out in the business world or you are moving to a new location and are not sure how things will go for your business there, this can be a great way to remain flexible while still landing a premium office space in the city.

Premium Office Space is Within Reach

Choosing a premium office space for your business is a smart choice. It gives you instant credibility with clients and competitors alike and puts you right in the heart of the business district where there is more opportunity to grow and expand. Some business owners worry that these locations are out of reach, especially for young companies and startups but that’s simply not the case.

Do your research, decide on exactly what it is that you require from your new office space and see what’s available in the city you are planning to move to. There’s no doubt that you’ll quickly discover there are more premium options available to you than you previously thought and they will still be within your budget. With a few careful considerations, you can be set up in a prime area of the city, in a premium office, ready to hit the ground running.

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