How Artificial Intelligence Impact Our Daily Life?

Artificial intelligence made our life very easy with many of new technologies. It leads us into a new future, where thinking machines, robots do so many things for our better lives. Artificial intelligence is everywhere it impact our daily life. Either in healthcare, industries, companies it is everywhere.

Artificial intelligence is the type of “deep learning” which allows machines to process information in an effective manner and allows users to perform a complex function very easily. With the AI, it becomes very easy for the companies to manage a large amount of data and it became an essential part of the technology industry.

The major goals of AI technology are to planning, problem-solving, Reasoning, Motion and manipulation, creativity, and better outcome. It is not one technology but it is considered as a group of technologies including “Natural language processing” that improve interaction between human and computer, “machine learning”, “Expert systems”  that helps the machines to respond in a similar way to humans. In near future, all the concept of artificial intelligence will become an everyday activity. Internet of things is the best example of this.

Areas where Artificial Intelligence is very helpful:

Medical: In healthcare, there are now so many new technologies that made treatment of difficult diseases very easy. There are so many healthcare machines developed by researchers that make treatment of patient easy and cost-effective. One of the best examples of AI is “IBM Watson”. It completely understands the human natural language as well as response to questions of humans. This system helps in the treatment of patient even in the absence of a doctor, and it works accordingly to the patient data and other available resources.

Business: In business, robotic applications and different useful software’s are very helpful. With the help of some outstanding software’s and machines, it became very easy for the businessmen to serve their customers. Some of the applications such as Salesforce, G suite helps the workers to become more creative and focus on innovation and higher value outcomes.

Education: AI is also helpful in today education system. It is very easy to automate the basic activities of school or colleges with the help of this. It is now easy for the teachers to manage the daily activities very smoothly, that saves their time and now they can use their time in some other activities. Other many new software fulfills the student’s needs, this software’s respond accordingly to the need of the students helping them to work at their own pace with no stress. It provides additional support to the students. It changes a way of learning.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry always been open to adopting new technologies. Robots and machine can work on a single command and saves lots of time of workers. Virtual reality allows new tools that help to perform some of the functions virtually; it allows people to work remotely. Automation also gives the manufacturing industry a high level of accuracy and productivity. It can work in the environment which is dangerous or not suitable for humans. With the higher demand, every organization wants to create more output in less time, robotics made it easy.

Finance: Artificial Intelligence also becomes very popular in the area of Finance industry. With the help of AI technologies fraud detection becomes very easy as well as in managing a large amount of data.

It helps in banks, companies, to improve the operational efficiency as well as helps in taking the big decisions.

Other useful Application of AI

Speech recognition

Video games

Computer Vision


Image Processing

Theorem proving

Automatic Programming

Many people are in the fear of job loss because of the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence, but a human brain is necessary to give the command to machines to produce the better outcomes. In future, it offers many Artificial Intelligence Jobs Opportunities to candidates.

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