NFL Betting Remains Popular

nfl betting

It’s hard to watch an NFL game today without being bombarded with NFL lines throughout the broadcast. These lines are now discussed because so many people are wagering on the NFL as opposed to just watching the games.

The U.S. sports betting industry continues to shatter new records each month, and it is because the NFL is so popular to wager on. There are other sports that attract betting as well, but the NFL always leads the way in every state. 

Here are five of the top ways to bet on the NFL each week. 

Betting Against the Spread

When most people are talking about NFL lines, then they are referring to the spread. This spread is set by Vegas most of the time in the United States, and you won’t see many variations from sportsbook to sportsbook. 

Betting against the spread can be a pretty advanced form of NFL wagering, but it’s also a bet that can yield a solid payout if done properly. This type of bet not only requires picking the winning team but also determining how close or far apart the spread in the final score will be. 

You are going to hear the term betting against the spread used a ton when talking about the National Football League. 


If determining which team is going to win an NFL game isn’t your thing, then the next best option is to bet the totals. This type of bet is also referred to as an over/under, and it’s another common phrase that you will hear used when people are talking about betting on the NFL. 

When placing a totals bet, the only thing that matters is the total amount of points scored in an NFL game. The two betting options for this type of wager are over or under, which is why the bet is sometimes referred to by that name. 


The easiest NFL bet to make is what is known as a moneyline wager. This is the top option for bettors that are just looking to break into the hobby of betting on the NFL. 

With a moneyline wager, all that is required is to pick the team that wins an NFL game. Of course, there are different payouts for each team in a matchup, and betting on the favorite won’t yield a massive payout at all. 

People that have been betting on the NFL for years typically don’t focus on the moneyline, but it’s still a great option for simply picking a winner. 


There is a way to get rich in a hurry by betting on the NFL, and that can be done by making parlay wagers. A parlay is a combination bet, and you are able to combine as many legs as possible into one bet in order to increase your payout potential. 

Parlay betting has become extremely popular as bettors are always looking for a quick way to win a big payout. The only problem with a parlay is that all of the legs have to hit in order for the bet to be a winner. 

There is definitely the opportunity to win a ton of money with a parlay, but there is also some added risk as well. 


Another great betting option when it comes to the NFL is what is known as future betting. This type of bet is not placed every single week because the outcome of this bet is something that takes place in the future, usually at the end of the season.

The most common futures bet to make on the NFL is a bet on which team will win the next Super Bowl. There are also future betting markets on individual player awards such as the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, or Rookie of the Year. 

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