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Secrets to a Successful Business Plan for any Type of Business


A business plan is like an architect’s master plan of a building. Just as quality structures are based on a master plan drawn out by a professional, so also every quality company must have a viable business plan constructed by a professional.

I construct business plans and pitches custom designed to your business needs for strategic and financial planning, investment, as Ill as visa application purposes.

No matter what type of company you have or why you need a business plan, I will help you draft and prepare it in proper and correct English.

How to make investors invest in your business idea/start-up


In starting up your own company, whether alone or with a partner, the most advisable way to start is to write a professional business plan to outline the workings of the company in order to give it structure. If you plan to get investors to invest in your idea or start-up, a great business pitch consisting of the right elements, is your most formidable first impression.  It needs to be quite detailed describing your targeted markets and customers, marketing and sales plans and financial forecasts.

A professional business plan will help you to pinpoint all strengths and weaknesses of your business idea, forecast its stage-by-stage development, and understand the external factors that may impact decisions, organize detailed budgeting, distribute resources appropriately, set realistic goals, address potential issues and minimize risks.

Securing Funds

Another purpose of a good business plan is to secure investment or a loan from a bank, including through private investments, private capital, venture capital, bank financing or crowd funding. Any discrepancy depicted in your numbers presents you as unserious to potential investors. A professional business plan sets you apart from the ground and presents your business idea/company as a worthy investment platform.

 Why your visa has always been rejected and how to fix it

Visa Business Plans

If you have plans to immigrate to the US, Canada or the UK, trust me, nothing will hasten your visa approval process as much as proving to the immigration authorities that you are moving into their country to start a successful business. Your ability to provide a viable, timely business idea alongside a professionally Ill-documented business case to the government, they are significantly more likely to fast track your approval, providing you with an L1, E-2 visa (USA), Tier 1 entrepreneur (extension), Startup, Innovator Visa (UK) or Canadian Immigration Visas, which will allow you to live and start a business in the country.

To be approved for any of these visas, I tell you, you will need a professional business plan, matching their standards. Many people seeking legal immigration status attempt to create a document that satisfies these complex visa requirements on their own, thus the many rejected visa applications at the immigration office. You may have a strong business idea, but if you lack the experience or expertise required to write an immigration business plan, that matches the customized requirements for each of the immigration office, you’ll be unable to satisfy all of the requirements and standards. This means that your visa applications will most likely not be approved immediately (or sometimes at all).

Whether you are starting a car sales business, logistics and transportation company, a small restaurant, or a medium-size boutique or cosmetics store, the authorities want to see that you are ready to hit the ground running, and the best way to do this is with a professional business plan.

You will need an expert that has experience with business plan development—one that understands data research, visualization and calculation to get the approval you’re looking for.

Remember the success of your application hinges on the quality of your developed business plan. Drafting a viable business plan for entrepreneurs and sole reps is my specialty; I’ve been doing it in a detailed and efficient manner, since 2017.

Some of my clients include:

  • Bill & Bryan Service Inc.
  • Emmanuel Imeri
  • Sigmus Ade-Akhani
  • Olajide Ojo
  • Favour Dynamics Health Treatment Services
  • Eyitemi Ventures
  • Faverite Services

And much more

My Guarantee

The immigration consultant business plans I construct, are guaranteed to be fully compliant with USCIS (USA), Home Office (UK), Provincial Nominee Programs (Canada), and Canadian Federal Programs requirements. I have to regularly monitor these requirements, making sure to adjust techniques to keep up with the latest guidelines as it gets updated. I am confident enough in the plans I construct that I can confidently offer 100% guarantee that the plan I produce will be compliant.

Whether it is for the L1 Visa Business Plan (USA), E2 Visa Business Plan (USA), E1 Visa Business Plan (USA), Tier 1 Visa Business Plan (UK),Nova Scotia NSNP Visa Business Plan (Canada), Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan, British Columbia BC PNP Visa Business Plan or the Self-Employed Visa Business Plan (Canada).

Changes at no Charge

If there’s any case of receiving any requests from immigration officers, I will make all changes free of charge and in a timely manner.

Study your business plan
Study your business plan carefully so you are prepared to discuss it with the immigration officer during the interview and answer any questions confidently.

Contact us
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