How to Become a Successful Made Boss in Any Business


Every day humans strive to Made Boss ends meet some engage in daily, weekly or monthly payments. Yet we are not satisfied due to more demands for daily needs.

There are so many companies owned by individuals or groups of people. These companies pay individuals some pay daily, weekly, or monthly but the truth is that, the business emanated somewhere and today the business is called a company. Some big or public limited companies started by an individual.

So we are going to discuss how to become a successfully made boss but we need to look into some of the major criteria’s:


There are many dead potentials today in the mortuary and in the grave, there are also many undiscovered potentials today in the streets all over the world who strive for ends meet without sitting back to think or pray to discover their potentials some believes in school certificates, degree etc.

Am not saying education is not good, NO. Education is indeed a good legacy but potential is that thing that is capable of putting food on your table, if discovered.


Approach to this will determine if it will be successful Made Boss or not. Wrong approach leads to business failure. You can search online for books or articles on how to enable you have proper clear of the approach to your idea or potentials.


This is another vital area or aspect that needs caution. If you package your ideas wrongly you can useless it. Packaging is like a presentation, what your idea can do. How can an individual or the public benefit from it. And what are the disadvantages behind it.

Asking yourself and answering these questions correctly can practically give you an outstanding figure among your competitors.  You can sell your whole idea for on topic or part of it for a reasonable amount of money.

Lot of people have published countless & interesting books without writing a single word. Just by having or sorting for different ideas or getting the right developer to develop it. The books have earned them millions of dollars.

Some setup platforms where people showcase their ideas in exchange for a fee.


  1. FEAR

Fear is a very deadly and unseen virus that every human exhibits. The inability to take risks and manage it in business can lead to downfall. There is no successful made boss today that did not embark on the journey of risk. For a starter your risk must not be high so that you can cope if you eventually fail.


This is another vital aspect of life that has a major negative impact in business most stingy people hardly make it big in life. They are so stingy to take new steps or invest in opportunities.

They prefer to work and get paid they can spend the rest of their life working for other people that’s why we have people going into fetish things just to make money and they die early in life.


Pride or I know it all. A man of pride easily gets carried away with what he has. When you humble yourself God will lift you and he will give you wisdom.

Read this verse of the Bible 1samuel 2:6-9.


To succeed in life you need knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge and wisdom come from God Almighty. If you can check yourself and correct all these things you have solved over 60% of your problems I assure you, you will become a successfully made boss.

God will lift you and you will become a success made boss in your business.

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