The Great Rewards of Ethical SEO Techniques


Today, millions of people use the internet daily for various reasons. Each of the users has the intention of using the enormous power of the internet to find information and to make profits for their individual businesses. Unfortunately though, there are those people who would like to make use of the same enormous power of the internet for dubious reasons. Some people use unethical methods to make money and to be malicious just for the fun of it. I personally think this is not being fair to the honest men and women who dedicated their time and efforts to create useful content. That is why I would like to discuss ethical techniques of SEO.

Little Explanation About SEO

What does SEO stand for? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of making a web page ready for the search engines. This is where you make an effort to tell the search engines what a website or a page on the website is all about. There are many factors that contribute to how a web site or a page will rank when a search is done. That requires a lot of learning, experience and efforts and as such it is beyond the scope of this article. I just want to outline what search engine optimization ethical techniques should be followed and which should be avoided if you want to be a successful SEO Montreal. I believe companies can also benefit from this article.

The content on the internet can be accessed by a potential user through various means. 

1. By directly going to the source if one has been aware of the presence of the material and knows where to find it. 

2. By referrals. One can navigate the internet to the source of a material or content if someone has referred you to it through various means such as email which is the most commonly used method.

3. By organic search. This is when you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or any one of your preferred search engine and type in a word or phrase. The search engine will return a list of websites which it believes are relevant to your search. This is the part that we will focus on related to the ethics of internet and how they can affect the way search engines display your query.

Reasons Behind Unethical Use Of SEO Techniques

In most cases, it is all about money. Supposing you have a business law attorney Tulsa Ok. And your business has serious competition on the internet. Your goals will be that your websites come up as close to the top of the searches as possible because customers are likely to click the link displayed and thus go to your business website where you try to sell your product or services.

As a rule of thumbs, the more visitors you have, the higher is the probability to make money. Unethical search engine optimization techniques are designed to trick the search engines into believing that a website or a web page deserves to be served to the searcher before displaying the websites of the hard working and honest people and companies.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization Techniques

First of all, the content you supply has to be ethical. By content I mean articles, images, PDF files videos etc. All these are content that are being sought after on the internet. One of the first steps to take is to make sure that the content you provide is of high quality. Try to avoid plagiarism because if you copied someone else’s work, make sure you give them credit for it and not just claim them as your own. I have seen a whole page on a website being copied verbatim. I think this kind of practice is totally unethical.

Also, try to avoid misleading information. Make sure that what you provide is correct to the best of your ability. Providing the wrong information can hurt somebody.

Stay away from practicing what in internet terms are called Black Hat SEO Techniques. This term also needs to be expanded on but again; it is out of the scope of this article and as such would suggest you dig out more information. I only hope that your source of information will be an ethical one. LOL!

Search Engines Hate and Punish Black Hat

People always look for short cuts or to cut corners just to make money. They are more prone to prey on the hard works of others. Search engines are becoming smarter everyday to filter out black hat SEO techniques and punish the offending websites. This has lead to millions of websites being de-indexed and even banned from the internet. I don’t know how long you have been in SEO. I remember the Penguin algorithm rollout by Google back in 2012. Millions of websites tanked and millions of them never recovered. This was very serious a lot of companies lost significant revenues.

How To Guarantee Ethical SEO For Your Website

What you don’t want is for the search engines to punish your website just because they believe you are engaging in black hat or rather unethical SEO practices. I am aware that not everybody is knowledgeable about what to do and what not to do. This is why hiring a reliable SEO services company may be a very good idea.

There are many benefits and many take homes if you hired a company to take care of your search engine optimization requirements. One thing is for sure, they not only help you generate more revenue for your company, they also allow you to focus on other aspects and run your company better.

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