Things To Remember Before You Purchase A Second-Hand Car

purchase a second hand car

You may have just started earning; it’s your very first job and you have only limited resources to depend on to make a living. This means you may have to struggle for a week or two until you have some savings in your hand.

Commute is one of your major hurdles in reaching office on time. Plus, changing metros can be a time bound and exhausting task every day. If such is the case with you, a convenient option is to purchase a car which helps you save money as well as time.

Well in this situation, any sane individual would prefer purchasing a second-hand car instead of going for a brand new one. This is because you surely do not want to bear the burden of huge debt on your shoulders, at least not at the moment.

When you think of purchasing a second-hand car several questions might pop up in your mind leaving you completely baffled. So, in this article we’ve mentioned some essential answers that you should have while purchasing a second-hand car:


Before you get into intricacies of what the car has to offer, such as its colour, model, brand, etc. the first step is to check its condition with respect to its running potential and the money that is being paid for it. Do not think twice before going for a test drive; in fact, just go for it!

Possibly, get the systems checked by a trustworthy mechanic who can assure that the engine, wheels, transmission, cooling, etc. are up to the mark. You also get assurance that the seller is stating the truth about the car.

During the test drive you must also check the mileage and speed that the car offers, so that you are aware about its overall condition. Also, check that the seatbelt and mirrors are in place. Often, mirrors and wipers have been observed to be not working or damaged in old cars.

You can consider some unexpected and unavoidable maintenance cost and thereupon decide whether it is a good deal or not.

When the car is delivered at your door-step carry out a thorough check at that point as well.  There have been instances in the past where the seller has replaced important car parts with duplicate ones. So, it is better to be cautious about the same.


When it comes to insurance, the first thing to check is your car’s insured value in the policy. Car insurance is one key factor which you must consider while negotiating the price.

If you notice there are frequent claims in the last few years, then you must re-think about buying this car because it has already gone through numerous repair and maintenance process. On the contrary, if you find that the insurance is pretty clear without any damages, then you can purchase the car but do not forget to transfer the insurance policy under your name within a fort-night period.

In case you are continuing the old insurance policy then carry out a free check PPI so that you do not end up paying for a mis-sold policy affixed to the original policy. Some renowned companies in the UK can guide you in this process so that you acquire clarity regarding your insurance policy.

You can also buy a completely new insurance policy under your name so that you do not fall in trap of any mis-sold policies. Along with insurance take other necessary documents as well and check them.

Registration Documents:

It is important to check whether the owner has all the necessary documents and that particular individual is the legal owner of the car.  There is a possibility that the car has been already sold to someone else, so it is a good option to check all the documents before you purchase the car.

It is also necessary to check its history and know how many times the car has been sold in the past. Also, the documents should be free from pending dues so that you are not liable to pay them.

Try to verify all the documents so that you do not have to bear any consequences in the near future. There are specific documents to be filled and carried while driving the vehicle, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about it ask your friends and family about the same.


You can ask the owner or research about possible options of modification for the car. If you are planning to convert the car into a dual-fuel automobile, then please clarify it with the owner or someone who has adequate knowledge about it.

There are various other options for modification, such as safety, better comfort, etc. You might be not happy with the existing seat colour and plan to change them, so enquire about the same. You can ask the owner for good source to carry out this change.

As a buyer, you must also ensure that there is safety provision in the car. For example, there are air-bags which protect passengers in case of emergency

Lastly, do not just check-out one single second hand car and finalise it, you can always look for options and then select the second hand car that fits in your choice and budget.

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