Top 7 Highly Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

highly paying digital marketing jobs

Top 7 Highly Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing is one of the hottest career choices in the year 2019. Many people are interested in joining this field but not sure how to go about the process. There aren’t many colleges as of now which are offering good core digital marketing courses, so the best option which one can go for is pursuing an Ms in marketing. Ms in marketing is a professional marketing course which covers all the digital aspects of marketing as well. If you are a fresher with no experience in digital marketing, you can go for a course in digital marketing, SEO etc or simply a master’s degree in marketing. Given below are 7 highly paying digital marketing jobs in the industry.

Digital marketing strategist
  1. SEO Expert- It is no surprise that SEO is one of the most in demand skill of today’s times. SEO, also know as search engine optimization is the backbone of digital marketing. An SEO expert has the role of handling all the SEO related processes in a website and works on the better ranking of the site over various search engines. Many people have a misconception that SEO is a dead field now but the most interesting part is that SEO isn’t dead, it just keeps evolving with time and people who don’t keep themselves updated with the new tips and tricks, tend to lose their hold over the subject and fall for the  misconception that SEO isn’t their cup of tea anymore. Doing a professional course in SEO might help you landing up with a job in this field. SEO is one of the trickiest and highly paying skills of the time and if you get a good command over it, you can even manage to earn beyond the average pay scale. It all depends on the person’s skills and capabilities. The average pay of an SEO expert in the United states is $53187 per annum.
  • Social media marketing manager- The role of a social media marketing manager involves managing company’s social media handles and websites and creating/managing the content which is being posted through the company’s accounts. They have the prime responsibility of creating a brand image of the company over social media and posting fresh and engaging content. The work requires a lot of creativity and is similar to advertising. Having a good knowledge of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc is a plus skill which can help you land up with a job in this field. If you are a person who breathes for social media and has a passion towards working on it, being a social media manager would be the perfect career choice for you. The average salary of a social media manager is $48311 per annum.
  • Digital marketing strategist- A digital strategist works to identify the unmet needs of the organization and works towards the goal of fulfilling them. Their role involves joining the dots and digging out what problems the organization is facing on the digital platforms, which need to be addressed, in order to engage more customers and build the brand in a more efficient way. Digital marketing strategist has to supervise almost all the digital aspects of the company, build, and implement new marketing strategies over the online marketplace. The average pay scale of a digital marketing strategist is$55,000 in the United States.
  • Pay per click specialist- Paid advertising is one of the most common ways of revenue generation for many websites. They help in finding the appropriate audience and building the recognition of the brand. The pay per click manager/ specialist monitors the paid search budget and tries to stick to it accordingly. Their prime goal is to make sure that the online marketing efforts give the highest possible return on investments. The average pay scale of a pay per click specialist is around $60,000 in the United states.
  • Content marketing manager- The role of a content marketing manager involves creating content which is engaging and helps in attracting the target audience on the website of the company. Writing SEO based content/ keyword-based articles or blogs are some of the roles and responsibilities of the content marketing manager. Apart from this, proofreading and reviewing the content which is on the edge of being published is also the duty of the content marketing manager. They need to come up with new ideas and engaging content in order to attract the target customers and keep up the brand image of the company. The average pay scale of a content marketing manager in the United states is $54,883.
  • Email marketing manager- An email marketing manager’s role involves identifying the target audience and growing the email list and writing news- letters to give the updates about the company to the audience. Proofreading emails for the clients, checking for errors, making sure that the content is clear and presented in a user-friendly template for the mobile users and reporting on the sales revenue generated through the email marketing are some of the other roles and responsibilities of an email marketing manager. The average salary of an email marketing manager is $61000 in the United states.
  • Ad campaign manager- Advertising is one of the most crucial tasks for a company on which almost 75% of it’s revenue depends upon. A good Ad campaign can not only ensure a high audience coverage, but also a high revenue generation. A product needs to be well advertised in order to be successful in the market. Potential customers need to know more about the product before purchasing it or investing in it. SEO plays a huge role in product advertising. Ad campaigning comes under the core field of marketing and the job role involves planning, managing and conducting advertising campaigns. Consumer behaviour, marketing, market research are some of the skills which are required for this role. The average salary of an Ad campaign manager is $66,487 in the United States.

Conclusion- Digital marketing jobs in high-demand nowadays and most of the companies are paying well to boost their digital presence in the market. The best part of a career in digital marketing is that you do not have to get yourself enrolled in a university, sit for lectures, and write exams to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. Online Digital Marketing certification and courses will open enough doors to travel on a rewarding career path.


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