Traits of a Good Financial Advisor

traits of a good financial advisor

Every profession is crafted in a manner that they require certain peculiar traits for its functioning. There may be individuals performing tasks involved in the profession in absence of these traits but they may possess certain skills and knowledge to do so.

Similarly, the profession of a financial advisor also requires specific traits in order for an individual to excel in this field. Listed below are some essential traits of a good financial advisor:


Primarily it is required to stay focused towards your goal. Focus can be to dedicatedly perform a task until you achieve success in it. You can simply write down 5 tasks which you are responsible to perform in a day and complete them before you leave work.

The next day morning, review your task and modify them. Repeat the same process. Maintain this schedule as it helps you to concentrate on your work and keep unnecessary distractions at bay.

Even though after following a schedule you seem to be distracted then simply identify them and eliminate them. These days, instant notifications on your social media accounts are observed to be highly distinctive. If this is your hurdle than put off your internet for specific span or keep your phone away for a while.

This way you won’t be distracted and complete your tasks within the set deadline.

#2-Clear Goals

If you have ever noticed successful planners often plan SMART goals which comprises of specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. This one trait is essential in all walks of life be it your career, family, personal life, pursuing a hobby, etc.

Specific goals give you a clear picture about which way to head although you may not be unsure about the bigger picture but it definitely gives you a motivation to start.

This is one essential skill which you ought to develop. Perhaps, you may initially, fail in setting right goals for your destination but that’s how you get to know how to determine goals. Goal setting has a huge influence on your professional and personal life.


They say that someone can take your job from you but not the passion that you have for your work. Whoever said it has framed it correctly. Passion is imperative if you intend to achieve success because it acts as a self-motivating factor. This undying motivating factor is required to work dedicatedly towards your goal.

The spark of passion acts like quest for success and end up putting unbelievable efforts which result in success.

One way to keep passion alive is to review your goals at frequent intervals and your plan to achieve them. During this process, if you come across a better process to reach your destination amend it and get back working on it.


A blueprint is the strategic move towards your future goal. In simple words, it is a road map to take your business to new heights. An ideal blueprint consists of three parts- inner game, game plan and the outer game.

The inner game is the crux or baseline of your blueprint and this includes goal setting, creating a definite mission and vision.

The game plan is your innovative strategy which helps you to reach your main goal along with other minor goals. This plan should be crisp and clear with an effective market strategy.

The outer game is the balance sheet of daily actions required and carried on in order to attain the needful goal.

#5-Out of the box

Creative thought cannot be popped out all of sudden. Although you need not constantly think about it but you definitely need to invest quality time for an innovative approach.

At times, you ought to carry in-depth research on it and deviate yourself from it to acquire a different perspective. Spending some time alone is usually the best way to give a break to the constant thought process as this opens your mind to various new dimensions.

This way you notice varied perspective which you initially did not come across.

For instance, the person who initiated PPI policy came up with an innovative solution to repay loans, mortgage and insurance. They initiated the policy with an intention of helping individuals pay back their money in case they lose job, become ill or accidental death. However, things did not turn out well and the policy was mis-sold to masses. Even today, people are applying for free PPI check to ensure that they are not victims of this policy.

In fact, there are companies which guide people to recover their rightful compensation in the legal method.  This way, several victims have regained their lost money but there are still many individuals coping with this ordeal.

#6- Seek the right market

A good financial advisor will aim to target the right audience. To be precise they will reach an audience that needs their elite services. The financial advisor would not prefer an audience that does not require their services because it would be waste of efforts and money for both (advisor and client).

It may be difficult for you to narrow down your target market but a thorough research and understanding of your audience is sufficient to pick the right path. The more knowledge you acquire about your market the chances of you offering effective services to them proportionally increases.

All in all, it is essential to offer tailored services to your clients so that you fruitfully satisfy their requirements.

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