May 23, 2022


One Internet feat I have seen over the last few years is how it was able to turn traditional in-store businesses venture into e-commerce. Traditional businesses finally saw the capacity of the Internet and recognized that it has a huge buying power. This was how affiliate marketing was born.

If this is the first time you are hearing affiliate marketing, let me enlighten you.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting someone else’s product to potential customers and earning a commission when people actually buy it through your marketing strategies. So, those bloggers, vloggers, and YouTube content creators that write or post videos about certain product reviews you watch and follow? Yep, they are affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are thinking about starting your own affiliate marketing business, let me share with you some ways on how to accelerate it. Gird up your loins, and let’s begin.

  1. Know Who You Are Talking To

First things first: know your following. You have a following because they find something cool about your website, social media, or your e-mail list is actually fun to read. One sure way to guarantee success in affiliate marketing is to endorse products or services that fit your following’s needs and wants. If your following finds your promotions relevant or interesting, it automatically increases the chances they will use them.

Also, I just have to get it in here – please do not put irrelevant ads on your posts. For example, if you are writing something about, say, cosmetic products, do not put a side ad for a clothing brand. It is distasteful. You don’t want to distract your readers from your main post, right?

  1. Be CC: Credible and Choosy

Your affiliate marketing business is only as strong as your credibility. You have a following because they trust and value what you say. Internet citizens can see through an advertisement, so you have to make sure that yours is worth-seeing and more importantly, worth-believing and worth-trying.

Yes, I implore you to be choosy. You need to be choosy about the products you promote.I encourage you to try them out. This way, your content will be more personal and realistic. Use your following’s trust to your advantage. But banking on their trust means you have to make sure that the product will not fail them. Remember, bringing back a viewer’s click is harder than gaining it. Do not just say the good things about the product, you can also say which parts or features didn’t work for you; this will show your readers or viewers that you are not sucking up to the company or brand just because you stand to gain something if you make a sale.

  1. Commit to Transparency

As an affiliate follower, I appreciate it when I see promoters telling me right off the bat what they gain from the paid ad. I can assure you that your assembly can see through it if you are not being honest with your partnerships and they will most likely skip your link and just buy from the merchant. I know this because I do this. Giving your audience full disclosure is a crucial part in building a strong and loyal clientele. When they personally know and trust you, they would be more than happy to help you earn. Also, you can have more information about digital advertising from the guys at PracticeBloom. They are professional marketers that can help you to grow your business.

Affiliate marketing

  1. Create HIRE Content

Why is your content important? Your content is your way of communicating and attracting your audience to patronize a certain product or service you endorse. Your content should be HIRE: honest, informative, realistic, and entertaining. This is your come-on to your readers. You have to make sure that every content you put out there is of quality because you cannot dictate which content would be frequented more or less. If this is not exactly your strongest suit, hiring remote workers is the best way to go about this. Always, always create HIRE content.

  1. Keep Your Cool

Affiliate marketing business grows and strengthens over time. You cannot expect to gain a huge following overnight or make a commission right away. Instead, focus on creating more traffic to your website, engage with your following, and continuously grow it. If you are looking to make money right away or for a steady income, I am telling you right now: this might not be the business for you. Affiliate marketing gives us the chance to make a passive income and not a consistent one.

Building an affiliate marketing business takes time. There is no link that will instantly give you the followers. It takes honesty, consistency, and grit if you want to succeed in this arena. If you have what it takes, then nothing should stop you.

These are the practices I always make sure to apply when venturing into a new affiliate marketing partnership. If you are new to the game, I hope you adhere to these practices. While it might take time to grow your business, it will surely stay strong for long.

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